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Stage T2N0 stomach cancer

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My father is 56 years old. We recently found that he has been suffering with Stage 2 stomach cancer (T2N0). Initial endoscopy and biopsy was done in Apr 2013. After we have identfied stomach cancer in April, Doctor gave him 2 cycles of chemotheraphy in last two months. At today's complete body pet scan results came as negative for cancer. Though PET scan results are negative, our oncologist says that cancer cells will reappear in few months and wanted to remove stomuch antrum part. We are not understanding why doctor still want to go by surgery even though there is no active cancer in his stomach. can someone please help us in this. Thanks!



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I'm sorry nobody has responded to you.  I have a differentkind of cancer but wanted to share my knowledge on cancer in general.  Pet/CT's are imperfect and do notpick up on microscopic cells.  So, the chemo did its job in reducing the size of the tumor but chemo is not curative, only surgery is.  So, the likely hood of there being microscopic cancer cells left behind is high, and surgically removing that part of the stomach where the cancer originally was will give a high chance for cure.  My advice, have the surgery.  Good luck.  My prayers are with you.

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Yes, I would agree that the surgery could be a good choice as the doctor has recommended. My husband has a stomach cancer and has taken some CT/PET scan tests. We have found that a clear scan could be changed in a couple of months. Cancer cells change very fast, and in today's medical world, the chemos can't really kill them. The surgery is the only method to cure stomach cancer unfortunately.

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