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Hi everyone,

I am a 48 year old male with a Stage 2-3 rectal adenocarcinoma and starting treatment next week. There is a lot of information here, but I would appreciate if you gave me a summarized, detailed description of what to expect and mainly how to handle each possible side effects of both treatments.

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    Welcome to the board.  I'm not sure what strength you will be on but my pill side effects were very minimal.  You should put cream on hands and feet daily because it affects those areas and they become red and sensitive.  The radiation is cumulative and at first you won't feel anything but then later you will feel fatigued and notice a burning in the area that they are targeting.  If you have rectal cancer your butt will become very sore and it will then hurt when you have to go the bathroom and even just to wipe so use some baby wipes (flushable with no scent) and try some calmoseptine lotion (over the counter).  Towards the end you will get tired easily but just rest as needed.  Good luck and feel free to come here with any more questions.


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    Welcome to a very supportive group

    Good advice from Kim.  I went through radiation with IV chemo but effects are probably similar.  I just wanted to add a couple of additional practical suggestions.  I found that Tucks wipes were the least-irritating.  Nupercainal topical cream was very helpful.  I still use it on occasion.  Also be prepared for accidents.  Sorry - this is just temporary for most people.  Good luck fellow rectal cancer survivor!