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update on Jim

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jim and i
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Jim saw the oncologist Friday. He said the pain was from pluresy. The ER xray showed less than normal lung function in the left lung. The pain has lessened a lot and doc said Jim doing great considering. What a relief! I was really scared. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Don't know what I would do without this board. God Bless you all. Jim is still really tired. He had to come home early from fishing because he was tired. If he can't fish he will give up so please pray he gets some energy back.


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Pluresy is so so painful....every breath is like a knife getting plunged between ribs.  Yet, so grateful that's what it is....

Sending prayers and dreams of BIG fish, to keep his fishing pole occupied and his interest in landing them on his priority list.


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Certainly good news to have a dx and improvement. Hope tomorrow brings a boat full of keepers for Jim!


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Hi Debbie,

I didn't say good news as pluresy is no picnic but it certainly is better news. Here's hoping Jim feels better and catches lots of fish!


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I know he has a few flounder just waiting...


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Glad to hear of your news. 

Prayers that he gets his strength back and can continue what he loves to do!


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Jan Trinks
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Hi Debbie:


Sorry Jim has pleursy but at least that's what causing the pain.  Will be praying he gets stronger every day and catches some big ones!  God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

Posts: 1914
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Oh Debbie !

I am so relieved reading this update !  Tell Jim to take it easy for a few days and then get back out there fishing.  I totally understand how he's feeling.  When your lungs are weak it somedays takes the wind out of our sails.  And you take care of yourself too lady !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Painful news but good news. Hoping Jim can work on some good fish stories.


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Ingrid K
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Glad we now know what the problem is...sounds scary nonetheless.   But with the right meds, he can kick this out of his system.

Is there such a thing as  "The Fishing Channel".....that would occupy Jim's time and keep his interest.

Hey Skiff (John) are there any good fishing movies that you know of ????



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Praying for you both!  Hope Jim gets to feeling better as soon as possible! 

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Ah, so glad for the "good" news.  I hope and will pray that he heals quickly.

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So glad it is better news than couldve been, sorry for the pain.  During trestment it is hard to do things we love, just tell him to watch the fishing channel at least he will keep interest peaked and maybe grt some energy if he thinks he can do it better! Lol get better Jim and take pic of the big one you reel in and post it here for us to celebrate with you!

God Bless ,


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I'm so happy to read that Jim is going to get better~~my husband is also a fisherman, so I fully understand ,what you're saying, when you ask for energy.

Don't ever give up Jim, we're all right beside you as you bait your hook


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I'm so glad that turned out to be nothing related to the progression of cancer .....that pluresy is so painful however.  I'm sorry I've not responded to some of your recent posts.


I sure wish Jim and you could come my way and show me a thing or two about fishing...I got the hunting stuff down but have never really been fishing but a few times in my life...on my bucket list for this summer....I bet Jim could show me as much as John (skiffin).  :)


If you ever take me seriously, I got a room for you at the hotel, no charge for a fellow warrior! :)


Tell Jim hello ....whispered a prayer he has 50 more summers of fishing!!!!



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jim and i
Posts: 1788
Joined: May 2011

Thanks Tim for the prayers. Wish we could have connected while you were here but I understand.  If you get back to Daytona Jim would be happy to show you some fishing tricks.


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We can get together for some flounder.... Heck with Tim..., he's on his own, LOL.... (j/t Tim)


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