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Hi mates it is FRIDAY ! Any interesting plan for the weekend ?

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Again sorry for the delay, some troubles these weeks!
Just coming form cinema , have seen Great Gatsby, ( the old one was better ).
Tomorrow family lunch and Roland Garros final!
What about you mates ?

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Tomorrow I am going to a national car show in loveland.They will have 2,000 to 3,000 cars there,so I will also get to see some friends.Thanks for the movie review,I thought the new great gatsby movie didn't look that good.Have a good lunch tomorrow.

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Shopping and lunch with my sister and my niece and nephew...special time. Then brunch with my mom, husband, and 3 of our sons tomorrow at a quaint restaurant on the river. 

Wishing a meaningful weekend to all and  special thoughts for those having a hard time.


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Just got back from a weekend with my daughters in the beautiful mountains of NC.  We all really needed the break!

It was wonderful especially after going through the horrible cancer year.

I recommend a get away to everyone, even if just a car-ride.

Plan to go back in a few weeks.

That has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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hi pepe,

just wanted to say hia!

another friday, the measure of our survival is not the days but the joyous weekends marked by your friday post, its along time since the walking post. thats positive, enjoy the tenis.

i am bitter sweet, 7 days until i am back to german treatments, i have no plans to return to sydney, my survival tied to the clinics, alas.

its a great weekend and we are alive, or this is one very elaberate delusion.



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Hey Pepe,

I just got home from helping Rick's mom with large yard sale.  I got to her house at 7:30am, and 12 hrs. later I'm now worn out and sunburt.  I'm just to dang old to be hauling heavy stuff out of the house, then back in again.  And she told me that she wants to do it again soon!  Ugh.   I was able to collect a grand total of two dollars from my donations.  Nobody wanted my good junk!  ;).   Oh well, I'll have another chance in a few weeks...  Fun, fun.

Take care,



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Yesterday was our areas Relay for Life. My wife (a cancer survivor herself) and I went. It is so good to see other survivors. We also worked in the yard. I had to call Visiting Nurses because I think I'm getting a batter infection from my catheter. They are going to take a culture tomorrow. I notice my pee is a little stinky with some sentiment. I hope it's not but... Pray everyone has a good upcoming week. Jeff

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