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Squamous Carcinoma of Left Posterior - mandibular segment

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I'm new here, so happy to have this outlet and place for information!  My almost 70-year old father has just been disgnosed with the above subject cancer. We met with his Specialist in Austin, TX (Dr. Scholl) last week and was told her will have 1/2 of his jaw removed and replaced with his fibula leg bone; with follow-up radiation.  He is in the process of getting all of the necessary clearance from his cardiologist, dentist, etc. and has a PET, MRI and CT scan ordered for next Friday.  Lots of questions, obviously.  We are going to seek out a diagnosis/treatment plan here in Austin, and will then go to MD Anderson for a 2nd opinion.  What we are wondering now is should we nix going through Austin all together and head straight to MDA.  We won't know anything until the scans come back (if it's spread, what stage it is etc.) so do we go ahead and get all of the scans here, or should we get them at MDA?  Is there a difference where you get your scans?   THANK YOU for any help you can provide.

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Welcome, sorry that you had to find us.  I am usually on the head and neck forum.  You might get more response there with people with similar surgery.  There is a Superthread with information that is very helpful before, during and after treatment.  Thank you for being there for your Father.

Scans--You might call MD Anderson and find out about the scans.  My insurance will not let me get scans done at Stanford.  I have scans done locally and hand carry to Stanford (unfortunately the person(s) that read the scans locally miss my cancer, 3 times!

MD Anderson--many people on the head and neck forum go to MD Anderson and are very happy with the care.  You might find  out about having surgery there and treatment locally if that is something that you can do.

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