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muco epidermoid carcinoma and childhood cancer

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My 7yr old daughter was diagnosed with muco epidermoid carcinoma of the parotid gland. She had her parotid gland removed 1 yr ago and completed 33 radiation treatments. It was stage 2(intermediate.) I have heard alot of people say that she's at a higher risk for leukemia and other major health issues. I was just wondering if your child or maybe even you have had this and what has happened since? Thanks for any and all responses.

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It breaks my heart to hear that a 7year old had to go through radiation. I had my parotid gland removed several years ago but it was a benign Warthins tumor. My cancer was not related. I'm sorry I can't offer any information but certainly include your daughter in my prayers.


God bless,


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Inside the machine I was being treated on there was a picture of Disney characters from Mickey to Ariel to well... you name it. I asked the techs about it and they told me they had a little girl getting treatments. It was there the entire 30 treatments I had. I used it as a visual gauge during my rad session along with counting the rotatopns (When Princess Jasmine came into view, I was almost done).

I know how brutal the treatments were as an adult. I cannot even begin to imagine what it's like for a child. She is a brave young lady to have endured treatment. My heart goes out to her and any children that have to face this disease.

Positive thoughts and prayers for her recovery and future. May she be happy and healthy.




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