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Little Change

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Not much has changed. I get two weeks of Taxole and Erbitux followed by 1 week of Erbitux. I get two rounds of this then I get one week off (no IV meds at all). FATIGUE is HUGE. I will have to rest even after composing this little update. Just getting the food/liquids/ and meds down is more than a full time occupation. Household tasks (lawn) are let to slide, embarrassingly so. But I muddle on. I actually enjoy a little TV (Doc Martin) but little else. I am lucky that I can eat; but eating is so much work that there is little pleasure in it. Rick.

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Don't worry what neighbors think - take care of yourself. You must feed your desire to live. I am not sure what the meds you are taking are for as I did not take them. I see you are a member for years and assume this is re occurrence. I assume you have been through the drill before, so stay strong and remember the basics. If eating and drinking is a full time job then so be it - do a good job. Stay strong fellow warrior . 

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Sounds very tough, remember to stay hydrated, I know it can be hard to do when you are tired.

If I was a tad bit closer I would be happy to help with the yard work (it is something I enjoy doing).

They must be checking your blood regularly (to state the obvious).

I hope you feel better soon


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I am still praying for you.  I wish I could take all the bad away, but I know that I can't so all I can do is say I am here if you need me.  You have been through so much and was so helpful to me when David was sick.

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for strength buddy...., keep up the fight, and get that food in you... I have plans for you to be around for many years...


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Nice to hear from you Rick. Glad you are keeping us updated as much as you can. Fatigue is tough to combat....all you can do is go with it when you have to....rest, hydration, nutrition, and getting up and around for some activity is the key. It sounds like your doing all of them in spite of how they make you feel. Your a true soldier!

Praying that some peace comes soon with all of this.

Take Care,


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Rick, hang in there, it gets worse before better just like anything else, but definitely gets better!  I know its worn to eat, trust me understand more than i choose too, but its positive that you can so persevere on! Just head up, rest when your body wants thats when body fights the most!


God Bless,


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jim and i
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Good to hear from you Rick. I pray all goes well.



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