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help me understand this

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never knew anyone with cancer, I don't know much about this horrible disease. just found out my mom has cancer. she has cancerous tumors in the uterus and has spread to the lower lung. our family is devastated. it came to a shock to all of us. it's difficult wrapping my head around this. I can't imagine my life without my mom. she is only 73 years old. I am 31 and the youngest of 6. I don't know what to think. I'm anxiously waiting for results to come  in from a bone scan she had yesterday to tell us more as far as staging and if the cancer has spread elsewhere. I know there's no cure for cancer, but what can be done and how long does my mom have?

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That is step one.  When I was told I had endometrial cancer I went to a co-worker who had breast cancer.  I asked her the very words you used, "How do I wrap my mind around this?"  She (wisely) said, you won't, not today.  I can't say I have wrapped my head around it and it is over a year later too.  A few weeks ago a co-worker who knew I had had cancer came to me because her husband has esophagial cancer.  TAKE A BREATH.  One step at a time.

I would recommend your family start a notebook.  Whoever is going to the doctors with your mom should sit and take notes, lots of notes.  They will never be able to remember everything that is said and the notebook gives you all something to look back at as a reference.  When the nurses tell you "It is all written down on the information we give you", I assure you, it is not.  Write it down, make a list of questions after you go home and talk to the family and call the doctor's office with any questions you all may have thought of.  I would say the internet will make you crazy, but you actually found a good place here at ACS.  This discussion board is great and the people here will help.  (I found it at the end of my treatment but still find good things, and people)

I believe that cancer can be cured.  It is a fight, and there is nothing like having your family with you.  Your mother needs you and the rest of your family.  Find doctors you like, trust, can talk to.  Ask lots of questions and be an advocate when your mother can't ask for herself. 

There are many people here, come back and tell us what you need and what she has going on.  Your mother and your family are not alone. It is an education, and like you had never been close to anyone with cancer, but you will learn things about cancer treatment and cancer itself.  

Take a breath.  One step at a time. 



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Notimeforcancer said it all!  I just want to add - stay positive!  Laughing helps alot!  Your mom is going to do great!  Keep us posted

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