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Breast Cancer spread to lungs.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 21st January 2010, by the 5th Feb. same year I was given two and half to three yrs life expectancy as the cancer had spread to my lungs. I didn't have any surgery but underwent chemotherapy which finished in July of 2010.  Some of the nodules had disappeared, some shrunk and some stayed the same. However all my chest xrays for nearly 2 years have been clear.  I'm worried about a recent dry cough that  just started a month ago. Had another chest xray done which came back clear again.  Took a course of steroids prescribed by my GP and this seemed to clear it up but only lasted for 4 days, cough recurred with a little mucous this time.  I have been a non smoker all my life and hope this is helping me now. Trying to get as much time as is humanly possible.


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