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You oldies may remember Pokismom who used to be active on this board in 2009/2010.  It saddens me to inform you that she lost her battle recently.  Her funeral will be in Honolulu this Friday.  Although I never met her in person, we used to correspond through PMs and a couple of phone calls.  She fought a hard battle and leaves behind a husband and 3 children besides her beloved Poki (Shi Tzu).

As for myself, I still lurk but don't have much to say.  I'm fine except for neuropathy in my hands and feet.  Doctors can't say if I'll ever lose that prickly feeling but it's a small price to pay for my extended health. 

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remember her.it saddens me when i hear about our old friends who pass.i too have been fighting since 2008with stage 3 then dx stage 4 in 2011.i know my time is coming as with all of us but right now im still in the fight.my sympathies to Pokismom and her family thanks for the info....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I'm sorry to hear this. My condolences to her family. Thank you for the update
I'm glad that you are doing well.

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Haven't seen her on in quite some time and I'm sorry she lost her battle.  Glad that you are doing well and thank you for letting us know.


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Thanks, MB, for letting us know about Donna.

I'm initially shocked and now sort of dismayed at hearing this news.  I knew Pokismom pretty good:)  We used to talk by PM quite abit during her first bout with cancer....and I tried to stay in touch during her second bout, but she was pretty ill and not coming to the board much.

She was another '09 and it makes me particularly sad when I look around the room and see so many from that time (when I joined) that are no longer here with us...your post has made me once again re-think of why I still find myself here, when so many other valiant souls have passed on.

I understand it.....but I just don't get it...

Both of my Donna's are gone now...that's a little sobering, if I'm being perfectly honest.

Let me tell you a story, because she needs a eulogy...and I'm going to give it to her

Donna (Pokismom) was a wonderful, sweet and caring lady.  She was friendly and giving and as generous as they come.  The world needs more folks like her...I can honestly say that...and I'm not just saying that - to say that.

Her family was very important to her and I always felt a connection with her and I guess that's because we exchanged so freely (as I'm sure you did, MB) and so the relationship was solid.  She had only love to give and never had a bad word to say.  She fought very hard and valiantly....and in the end, very quietly.

Many times, we often wonder about what's happening with this person - or what might have happened...

This was some hard news actually...in thinking about her as I write, tears do form - and they do fall. 

Now, let's remember a good story about our friend, Donna...

Two or three years back, we were doing a post about what everybody wanted for Christmas that year...

I had wished for health for myself and that of the community....but then I added that I 'selfishly' wanted another Golden Retriever for me and my wife......we had just lost Sundance after 13 wonderful years and our hearts and spirits were broken.

And then I posted and moved on....not thinking anymore about it.

And then.....

One day, I went to the mailbox and inside was a package.  I couldn't imagine who would have sent this....and then I looked down at the address and saw that it was from Hawaii - and it was from Pokismom.

When I opened it up, guess what I found?

Inside, there was a Golden Retriever wall calendar:)


A DVD of Santa Buddies, which had the Golden pups in it:)

When I think back to that right now, well, the feelings spill right over...because it taught me a valuable life lesson.  You see, Donna did not comment on that thread, but she took note of what I said - and she remembered it - and when the time came, she paid it forward and thought of someone else besides herself.

And that's the lesson that I've been trying to teach anyone that would ever listen to me....

That's what cancer is all about right there - taking the next step past yourself - and looking for someone else's life to touch - even in the midst of your toughest struggles. 

We were both sick at the time, but the 'something' that I had written that day made enough of an impact on that great big old heart of hers, to reach out and take action and deliver a memory to us. 

It now takes on an even greater meaning and holds a special place in my heart.  

Pokismom didn't  just talk the talk - she walked the walk.  I'm so proud of her - and I will miss her greatly. 

With all of these deaths from the Class of '09, I feel like a little more of me dies with each passing of my friends.  This is another one that will hurt for some time.

Thank you so much for delivering the news!

With fond rememberances,


And Minibull, I'm glad that you are doing okay...I've got some neuropathy that is more pronounced years out than it was originally, but still can't complain too much:) 

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What a beautiful tribute Craig. Im sorry for the loss and sorry i didnt get the chance to know this special lady.

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But thank you, Craig, for bringing her to life a little bit for us. She sounds like she was a special lady. AA

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Nice post, Craig. Nice you were there for each other. Sounds like she was a special person.

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2013-05-21 she was a mighty fine person, this is so sad.  Thank you for informing us, and Craig, what a wonderful memorium you wrote, she would have been pleased and blushing at the same time.

Winter Marie

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Thank you for letting us know that Donna has passed.  Dick is also in the '09 group and Donna was always a true and supportive friend.  It felt good having support from someone else on the island.

I will look in our local paper and see if I can leave a card for her family.  I will be saying prayers on Friday.



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