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Liver Resection Surgery this Thursday

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Well, they've shrunk enough for surgery, most active one in my colon disappeared, and Dr. Vissar operates at 12:30 this Thursday, then to school the first week of June to take finals (next week will only miss two days as Monday is Memorial Day.  

Been doing extra homework to get ahead for next week's work, as graduation is June 7th.  My first graduation, never graduated from High School, took the GED and joined the Air Force back then.  Very excited.

looking forward to getting those pesky liver tumors cut out, again.

Winter Marie

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I send you my preyers and my best vibes.
See you very very soon and please keep us informed.

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Let us know how it goes as soon as you can.  We'll be hoping for great results.  Hugs~AA

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I know you are looking forward to getting this surgery done and over with. It's so good to hear chemo did it's job. Oh and congrats on your graduation, what an accomplishment to do with all you have been going through.
Sandy :)

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First. congratulations on your graduation.  

And secondly, we will be with you with prayers and good thoughts on Thursday.  

What a journey you have been on. I appreciate your posts.


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Wishing you the best outcome.  You've come a long way and deserve this opportunity at surgery - glad it's finally possible.  Congratulations on your graduation too - you've achieved a lot.  Also, thank you for your military service.  Keep us posted.


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How great for you! Planning graduation - congratulations!
Will be waiting for your successful post surgery post.

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we are sending hugs and prayers.  Your positive attitude is an inspiration.  You have come a long way and are beating the odds.

Hugs George & Dyan



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george is just on vectibix.  Ct & pet June 3


Hugs George & Dyan



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Glad you are finally getting to the surgery & what better way to celebate. Be sure to have someone take pictures of the graduation.

Luv Ya,


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Wow, you have a lot going on. I admire you for continuing on with your education. You didn't allow your illness to derail you. This must have been challenging, at times. Good luck with your surgery. Please give us an update once you're feeling up to it. Chelsea

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You are such a fighter. An inspiration to us all. You are in my prayers for a totally successful surgery.

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You have my prayers and best thoughts for a successful surgery and wonderful graduation. Congratulations!



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i dont know how you have done it all.see i told you,....you are the hero what an inspiration i know you will do well on your surgery please keep us updated when you can ...(((HUGS))) Godbless...johnnybegood

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Joined: Oct 2012

Good luck and congratulations Winter

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Terrific! You have done well to keep going with school during your cancer fight!

Congrats on both, graduating and surgery!


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Best wishes all the way around...

Two weeks out of surgery to take your tests sure sounds ambitious, but I won't bet against you:)

Good luck w/everything!

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I hope all goes well with your surgery and you pass with flying colors!

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Dear Winter Marie,

You continue to amaze us with not only your tenacity against this disease but also your filling your life to the fullest!

Prayers and best wishes on a successful surgery and easy recovery.

And when it come to graduation, take your deserved bow as you get that diploma!

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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That is something to be so proud of...especially while dealing with everything. Will be thinking of you Thursday....sending positive thoughts for the best results...~ Ann

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You are a powerful example to me!   Thank you and congratulations on the liver resec and pending graduation!  Two good things coming and many more to come!

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Congratulations Winter on your upcoming graduation.  I am in awe of you!  So very happy they can operate on the liver this Thursday.  Keeping you in our thoughts.  Big hugs to you.


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Good Luck Winter on thursday, an extra prayer will come yoour way . Then a Graduation, fabulous, I am in awe.

Most of us take our graduation from highschool for granted, but to do it at a later stage in our lives is awesome.

Take good care of yourself and enjoy your success, operation and graduation.

Hugs, Marjan

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Thank you everyone for your good wishes.  Tomorrow's the big day, will write when I get out from under the drugs at some point.  I remember Roger kept everyone informed, called my husband to see how I was doing.  I miss him, more especially now. 

Again thank you for being there.

Winter Marie

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Wishing you the best Winter Marie.
I get my sirspheres treatment tomorrow.
Great accomplishments!
Will be thinking of you -Barb

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Joined: May 2013

Thinking of you today!

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I hope your surgery goes smoothly and your recovery is quick. I am thinking of you today.

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Hi Winter Marie,

Just wanted to let you know that you've been in my thoughts.  Hopeing for a very successful surgery for you today.  Send us all a note when you can.

Hugs (())


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You are probably in pre-op now.  I'm praying for a successful procedure for you. 

May the good father in heaven guide the hand of your surgeon and team of doctors and enable them to be successful in all the goals of your surgery. 




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