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Mucoepidermoid Cancer

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My name is Janice.  I was recently dianosed with Mucoepidermoid cancer on the base of my tongue.  From what the doctors tell me this a rare.  They meaning Oakwood, U of M, and Mayo clinic doctors have never seen a case like mine.  Mocoepidermoid cancers are rare in them selves and mine being on the base of the tongue is even more rare.  One oncolgist from the tumor board said they are learning from me.  So I said "Well, you need to pay me" LOL also that in does not give me much confidence it them.  The plan is to start radiation as soon as I can get cleared from my dentist.  Scared about  what the furture will bring but keeping faith.


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Check out the head and neck cancer section on this site.  I just had surgery in March to have a very rare mucoepidermoid removed.  Mine was a 4cm tumor IN my lower jaw bone.  The specialists had seen MECs all over the mouth areas before but never one in the bone (it had actually broken through my jaw bone).  The head and neck cancer section has a lot of us who have had surgeries that are similar.  Sorry to hear about your news, but remember..no one fights alone!  

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