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How many sessions of chemo therapy are enough / appropriate--?

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I have gone through 7 sessions of chemo therapy but my doctor wants me to have 8 sessions.

I am scared that it will cause more damge to me  because I did not hear anybody having more than 7 sessions---!

I need help here please-

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rounds of carbo/taxol...4, then surgery, then another 4. My oncologist was insistent that it was the right thing to do given my 3C status. I survived...still some neuropathy and a hernia from the surgery, but I did well....have been NED since March 2011.

Hope that helps and good luck!


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The standard is 6 to 8 rounds of chemo. It's up to the doctor to decide how many is right for your situation (if you had optimal or sub-optimal debulking, how fast your CA125 is going down, how well you're tolerating chemo, etc.).

I am stage 3C and I had the total of 7 rounds of Taxol / Carboplatin (4 before hysterectomy and 3 after). In the last 3 rounds Taxol was decreased by 20% at my request because of peripheral neuropathy.

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I was on carbo/taxol and then taxotere for 11 months.  One week on and two weeks off.  I was diagnosed at stage 3C and had major surgery with debulikng etc then started chemo.  I was scheduled for 6 but after 4 or 5 my marker stuck at around the 70's.  We switched from taxol to taxotere to try to help with the neuropathy and kept going.  Finaly had to stop at 11 before last treatment due to bad reaction from the carbo.  But we got my marker down to 12!  I was NED for nearly 4 years!

I have since done 6 more rounds of carbo/taxol for a reoccurence.  I have not had any significant long lasting effects.  What little neuropathy I still have is not really a factor in normal daily acitvities.   


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I'm so glad that you found this board.  The ladies here are very supportive and understanding as you can see from the responses to your question.  I find it so comforting to know other women who have walked in my shoes and understand all of the emotions that go with cancer.  Please come back often! 

Sending good thoughts and good wishes to you.


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In a row..16 next week..in 2009 had six, then another six...I guess you can get it when needed.Hoping next week will be my last of Carbo/Taxatore .....stay strong....Val 

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I had 8 rounds of carbo/taxol/avastin.  I was scheduled for 6, but even though my CA-125 was only 5 after the 5th, my medical oncologist recommended 8 total due to a suboptimal debulking and the aggressiveness of the original disease.  I've been NED since 3/2010.  I did take many measures to support my body and avoid side effects during treatment, and I have no side effects from the treatment.  Best of luck to you.

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I had 4 Carbo before surgery and six of carbo/taxol after surger. I was 3C and that gave me a 9 month remission.

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I did sic rounds of cisplatin/taxol after surgery

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