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Evening Primrose Oil May Increase Estrogen

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I was doing some research on EPO for someone. I came across a Livestrong article that indicates EPO MIGHT increase estrogen but it states "Although the role of evening primrose oil in treating hormone-related disorders suggests it might alter the levels of estrogen in your body, as of October 2011 no study or clinical trial has carefully examined its role in regulating estrogen. As a result, it is not yet known whether evening primrose oil can cause high estrogen levels."

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/548301-does-evening-primrose-oil-cause-high-estrogen-levels/#ixzz2Sjtafps6

I was told it was safe for estrogen positive breast cancer. It is safe for me because I had DCIS and had a double mastectomy, but others may want to consult their oncologists about it.

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How does one use evening primrose?  I thought it was a flower.  I use to have them growing in my garden.  They were lovely.

I do believe before using anything, one should consult their doctor.  They have gadgets now that by putting the word in, it seems to bring up the pros and cons.

I take so many prescription meds that I don't want to take anything that isn't directly prescribe for me.

Thank you for printing this because many might use it and not know.




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My breast surgeon and gynocolgist recommened that supplement for me when I went into surgical menopause, the oncologist I had a consult with also said it was ok for me.

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I have been using EPO for about 4 mo. now.  It is said to help thyroid patients with thining hair and mine has filled in somewhat.  I hope I don't have to stop it.   God Bless...Kathy

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I have never heard of this.  Thanks for sharing it.


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My tumors are estrogen positive so they feed off of estrogen so my ongolist said to be very careful and not eat, drink or put anytiing into my system that has any kind of estrogen in it as that will continue to fuel the estrogen driven cancer.  He said to always error on the side of caution and try to do everything to keep the estorgen away.  Right now I am on Femara and Faslodex trying to get the estorgen out of my system.  So I would be really careful and research alot before I would even consider this oil.

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No I take no supplements.  Estrogen is in many foods, and many so called healthy foods.  I find it easier to make a clean swipe of everything and just eat more fruit, vegetables, a little certain nuts, and drink water (which I hate).  Fibre changes your whole body makeup and mood.  Certain foods are very good for us ie mushrooms, cabbage many more.  Look up foods that fight cancer, cancer friendly foods, foods which help anti cancer medication work.  Very interesting.  Peel veggies and fruit like apples unless organic.  No tinned foods, orange juice is not that good for you unless it has pulp.........  Few know that.  Frightening but interesting.

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