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Been Very Very Sick

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The root cause was high calcium due to excessive supplementation. (I was following doctor's orders.) Ca levevels went from too low to dangerously high in a couple of weeks. Altered Ca levels and had 8 hours of fluids IV, and things are getting under control. However the ride was a rough one.

Fell once. Could hardly navigate the route from my bed to the toilet. It took so long to make that trip that I started wearing protective underware. Started using a walker at the store and at SCCA. I can travel faster with a walker than without it. Too weak to respond to individual posts.

Once my electrolytes are okay, maybe the rest of  me will feel good. Rick.

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Hello Rick,

I'm glad to hear things are getting a bit better.  I'm glad to hear you're using the walker when needed.  It's very scary falling....I use a cane alot.  Bad hip.  I hope those electrolytes can straighten out soon.  Don't worry about answering posts.  Just keep up the good fight my friend !   Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Rick !  Katie 

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I hate the rough road, never a good ride.  Glad you worked the problem out and take advantage of everything at your disposal to make life easier, that’s why they make them.

I wish you well and to better times.


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For your words of encouragement. They mean a lot to me. Rick.

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Rick, it is scary that such serious problems were caused by following doctor's orders.  Sure hope your medical team will be more careful in the future.  You deserve the best of care.  Thanks for the update.  I was wondering why you have not been posting lately and am dismayed to find out that it is because you have been feeling so sick and weak.  Will hope for a quick recovery and more golden days ahead.

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Was really glad to see a post from you .....but hated to see what you are / have been dealing with..but I hope / pray I am correct in that your post indicated the cause is known and being corrected.


I'm suppose to get back up to SCCA in June (routine follow up stuff) but my trip to Daytona Beach to check on mom will come first!


Prayers for you my friend and hoping you are feeling better each day..


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Glad you are feeling better bud, and they figured out your situation...


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rick, sorry 2 hear u've been so sick.  glad they were able 2 find the problem quickly.  u need 2 rest now and let ur body get strong again.  keep using the walker, its not only good for speed but balance as well.  take care of urself and let us know when ur feeling better.

God bless,


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The tone of your post sounds like you are frustrated with slowing down a bit. If the walker gets you safely to and from where you need to be then go with it. You'll get stronger. 

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It's nice to see you on here. Been wondering how things were going for you. Have followed you and keeping you in my prayers. Glad you have the strength to get around a little and post us all an update.

Take care of yourself and know that we are all pulling for ya!


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jim and i
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Praying this is the last of the set backs. Keep a positive attitude.


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Ingrid K
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I am praying that they get you all fixed up soon and you start feeling good again.

You have been through enough my friend.   It's time for recovery.

As someone else said, the walker will also keep you steady on your feet and avoid future falls.  Don't hesitate to use it.

p.s.  (do you have one of those plastic urinal things ?  For a guy, those make things a lot easier and eliminates all the bathroom trips)

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