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Update, Im gettin a port put in tomorrow !

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Hello everyone ! I've been MIA for a few days and I apologize, so so much going on getting ready to start chemo. I went to my doctor on this past Thursday to talk about my chemo and meet with some other doctors just to chat about what is about to happen to me. Overwhelming I must say. They are combining chemo with Herceptin every 3 weeks and Perjeta. But first I must have a few more tests to make sure that the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else besides where it is now which is my left breast with liver mets. Tomorrow is a MRI of my brain to make sure I have nothing up there ( NO pun intended ) then after that test I am going right into surgery for the port. On Friday I have a PET test. The following Monday is a MUGA Scan and a chemo class and the next day I meet again with my doctor to get the ok to start chemo. I am soo soo soo overwhelmed that this is the first time I have actually sat down long enough to remember and remind myself that this place is where I belong and where I need to be. So here I am ! Im scared but confident and have faith that I will be ok through all this. Im frightful about the fact that he said I will be loosing my hair fast. Yikes.....Oh I think I forgot but the other chemo treatment is Taxotine ? Im trying to read my docs writing lol so please correct me if Im wrong. I would also love any tips or tricks or just your kind thoughtful words on any of what is about to go on this week and next. Thank you so much for you all being here, each and every one of you I am giving a BIG BIG ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))))))))))  ! I will keep posting and reading and even just visiting and sitting quiet but I'm here.  



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You sound so much better today. I think having a game plan helps a lot.  I cannot give you any advice for the upcoming week, but I can send you positive thoughts, hugs and encouragement.  You can do this Lisa.  You have all of your pink sisters and brothers praying and pulling for you.

Hugss to you,


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Thank you Ginny ! Your words of encouragement are worth every letter...............

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Alexis F
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Sending good thoughts and prayers!


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Just wanted to wish you luck having your port in.  Not really a bad procedure.  It didn't take very long and healing was quick.


Best to you,



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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For me, the port has been wonderful.  Getting chemo and tests, in fact all IV's, are much easier.  I had 'twilight' anesthesia so they could talk to me, I could feel a little pulling and tugging but no pain.  The nurses like the port too.  Good luck will all those other tests.



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Taxotere?? maybe? that was one of the two i had last time.  I lost all my hair after round one it will grow back:)  Good luck tomorrow, the port will make things easier on you.  Hugs!!!!!


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Double Whammy
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I rmember the flurry of tests before surgery and chemo and I didn't have a port or some of the things you're having.  It was overwhelming regardless.  It seemed like I was always at some medical appointment or another for 9 months.   Oh, I was!  What helped me was as each event happened, I mentally checked it off my imaginary list.  Then what was ahead didn't seem like so much.  Dread best describes my emotions at the same point as you're at. It wasn't so much fear as dread. 

We're here for you as you go through your chemo.  It sounds like they're throwing the kitchen sink at it to try and knock it into remission.  Go chemo!  Do your job. 

Good luck to you tomorrow.  Want us to fire up the pink bus?


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Hi Lisa,

Believe it or not you will get thru this. I used an IPOD with my favorite music when I had any procedures, such as getting the port in. Which I loved by the way. I would also do deep breathing and picture myself doing something I loved which was very relaxing. Losing your hair is very scary, you feel like everyone is looking at you. Whether you wear a wig, scarf or just a bare beautiful bald head, hold it up high and remember it is proof that you are fighting your cancer. My head would get really cold at night, so I used a knit hat to sleep. Good luck, will be thinking of you.


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A am also new here and I don't have experience with all the tests and procedures you will be going through, I can only say that I am with you in my thoughts and prayers. I can see that treatment plan has given you some new courage and that's great, now just go girl!

Keeping fingers crossed for all tests and procedures and waiting for an update.

Hugs, Carmen

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Just to reinforce the previous positive comments, if you have ever had a regular IV you will appreciate the convenience of the port. I love mine, I have had 18 weeks of chemo and a modified radical mastectomy and the port has made it all so much easier. They used it before during and after the mastectomy and I still have a years worth of Herceptin to go through and I cannot even imagine what that would be like with a regular IV.

My prayers are with you through your battle. Heck, I'm a man and if I can do it, you can too. 

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Stay strong Lisa, the chemo will not be as bad as you think it will be. I just finished 4 rounds of Taxotere/Cytoxan. I lost my hair 10 days after the first treatment. Have a wig ready, and have fun with it, maybe a fiery redhead? The good news is that you won't have to shave your legs, and your skin will be incredibly soft. Get some sensitive skin body lotion, and Biotene mouth wash. If you are getting Neulasta the next day, try taking a Claritin the morning of. It seemed to help me. You will be given lots of preventative meds. Anti-nausea just in case, although T/C doesn't generally cause nausea. Take the meds if needed, you will bounce back after 4 days, ready to go back to work, whatever you need to do. Drink lots of water to flush out your kidneys during the treatment, and even exercise if you can. I rode my bike everyday after my treatments, slow, but I still got on it. It helps even if you go for a walk every day. The chemo itself is very boring. It doesn't hurt at all, just boring, so bring a book, or music, lots of chemo lounges have WiFi and TV's. You might feel achy for the few days after chemo, take some advil, or other OTC pain meds that reduce inflammation. Unless your doc gives you something stronger. You will get through it, and probably make some friends along the way. Everyone chats in the lounge, you can even eat lunch while getting chemo. Maybe set up a card game with others? It's really not what you think it will be, and you will get through it. We all do.

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Good morning

  Brand new to this site and chemo treatments.  I had a port put in and my first chemo treatment 1 1/2 weeks ago.  There was so much info given that it was hard to remember it all.  It is scary not knowing what each new day will bring but stay positive even though it is hard.  Prayers go out to all of you and together we can stay strong. 



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You will love your port, I wrote down pain med times in a notebook because easy to get confused. I took generic Claritin daily throughout chemo w Onc permission to avoid some of the bone pain from Neulasta. Also a newer med Metanx to prevent neuropathy would be heaven sent. You can kick this cancer to the curb! I used Caringbridge because extended family wanted a daily report. This keeps phone calls, email to a minimum. Also very good for your spirits to receive daily loving messages. You can be open or private with a password, I loved it and I go back and verify dates, facts etc, now that I'm out 3 years. Sending strength and prayers. jojo2

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Prayers and Strength going out for you.


Vicki Sam

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