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End of Scanxiety -- NED Again!

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Doc just called and the knot in hubby's neck is likely scar tissue from radiation and latest CT scan shows NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!

This scan came 6 months after post-tx PET last October. Knew the 6-month scan was coming but had not expected the new "knot" in his neck discovered about 4 weeks before the scheduled 6-mth post-tx scan to make the anxiety even worse.

We have been Nervous Nellies for weeks and it didn't get any better at the ENT appt. last week when the doc felt of it and instead of saying "Oh. it's nothing to worry about" like we had hoped, said "I'm not going to tell you not to worry until we get the scan results back."

I feel like I have not taken a complete breathe since last Friday's appointment.

Thanks to all for your support, prayers and for listening. Prayers back to you and yours.

Deb (and Dale)

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I can't help it....I want to do a jig in the kitchen with this post.  I know you both were worried because of he thought he was having "symptoms".....that he was losing weight, etc.....Keeping in mind that recovery isn't just an up hill climb....it's ups and downs....not the roller coaster ride treatment was, but small set backs, that back in our pre abi-normal times wouldn't have made us think anything.

You two go celebrate some how, even if it's a walk around the block.....I just LOVE our buddy NED.

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congrats on NED!!Cool

God bless,


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Congrats!!!!! Seems like about the same timing as when I felt something on my neck. Fortunately, at my appt. the doctor said it was scar tissue and definitely not a lymph node. He said a lymph node would feel more like a grape. I certainly understand the extra anxiety that would have caused. Glad it was nothing.

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OK, now you have to change your name to "NoKnotDuck"..., LOL quack, quack...



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D Lewis
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Seriously, someone needs to have a chat with these doctors that make 'off the cuff' comments like that one.  They have NO IDEA how seriously we take those comments. Shame on them.


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Deb & Dale,

Breathe easy, you are NED.

Keep healing and getting better.


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Oh, such a realief, right? Relax now and enjoy!! I'm very happy for you!! Congrats!

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Love your good news.

Stay strong!!


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Deb and Dale,

Hurray for the NED !  Now take a great big breath of this wonderful news and celebrate !   Katie 

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