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Waiting for first chemo

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A little nervous but I know I will get through this with help from my friends :-).  

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Hello and good day ! Your first chemo ? Plz tell me how you feel. I am going to find out tomorrow when my first one is and I have to tell you I am a nervous wreck. Its an emotional rollercoaster isnt it ? Smile................ !

CypressCynthia's picture
Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

Actually, my first chemo was in 1987, but that was so long ago that  maybe this is my second first... Lol?  I will let you know how it goes.  Thanks. 

New Flower
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Hoping for minimal side effects for you


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Sending my spirt to hold your hand.



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to wait with you!  Hugs, Linda

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I'm with in you sprilt also. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that your first chemo will be free of side effects . Love Surf

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I am with you in spirit and wish I could be there in person.  The staff usually are wonderful so you will be surrounded with lovely, caring people.  I love my staff, both at my local center (3 weeks) and the big cancer center (1 week).

Thinking of you and hope all will go well.



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surrounding you with love, hope, strength and prayers dear one.

Gentle hugs, CC.


Vicki Sam

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