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Joining the "club"

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Hello everyone! 

I had my robotic partial nephrectomy on April 18th, 2013 and just saw the doctor yesterday for the path report. Renal Cell carcinoma, clear cell, T1a Grade 2, negative margins. The tumor was 3.2cm and completely contained in the kidney, thankfully. The note says additional tests will be performed to exclude translocation-type rcc, so I'm waiting for the full report, but they say it looks non-aggressive. 

Seems I have the best possible outcome for having cancer, and a good chance that it won't return! It was gone before I even knew I had it! Kind of backwards... which is saving me some emotional distress. However, still VERY weird feeling!

Thanks for all the help and support :) 

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That post and your Profile write-up make for very happy reading  (other than the fact that we won't see much of that pretty face again!).

You're right that you couldn't have asked for a better outcome and this should be the last your body sees of cancer. 

Who could dispute that that 20 dollars is likely to remain the best investment you'll ever make.

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I am thrilled and excited over your terrific news!  God bless!  Enjoy your life!

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From now on attitude is the most important thing. Make sure your doctor schedules the follow up scans and over the long run check into and eat a Kidney friendly diet  and make sure your urologist or GP monitors your kidney function numbers which may already be a tad off normal. (Creatine and GFR).


In 69.8  years (my age) you should still be around although I plan to check out before than.




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Joined: Apr 2013

Thank you all!  :) I will be around from time to time for sure! I love this site and everyone on it. 

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