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Hello Everyone! Almost 5 year mark Still doing good... and feeling amazing now!

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Joined: Mar 2009

Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to check in and let all of you know that finally it’s almost 5 years since my surgery and I am feeling wonderful again.   No recurrence to date and I’m finally started to get the weight off.. Slowly!  

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2timothy1 7
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Congratulations!   Have you done anything special to maintain NED? So happy for you:).

Posts: 59
Joined: Mar 2009

Yes I have done a few things different.  I had stage 3 ovarin cancer and stage 2 uterine cancer.  I first quit smoking as soon as I found out it was cancer.  I join a study from Yale University and walked 30 minutes a day for 6 months.  I never changed anything with my diet until last year.. I decided when I watched a show called "Food Matters" on Netflix.  I have started to juice and buy Organtic and whole foods.  I feel amazing and healther than I've felt in a long time.  

however, I still remember very well what I felt like the first two years after chemo.. that was tough.  I pray for all you and hope you will dance with NED forever.  

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Thank you for checking in. I am so glad to know that 5 year later you are feeling great. You are giving hope and inspiration to all of us.

Stay well and come back often. Hugs, Alexandra

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CONGRATULATIONS! You go girl...so very happy for you

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Thank you for sharing your happy, uplifting news.  Congratulations!  I wish you a lifetime of dancing with NED!


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Pamela B
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Wonderful news!  Congratulations.  I love seeing these milestone posts. They keep me going!!!

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kimberly sue 63
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congrats!!!!! five years and no reoccurance.....that is fantastic!!! Kim

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to hear this news.  I am glad you are feeling so well.  Here's to many, many more years of good health.



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