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Bone Disease / cancer due to Radiation

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Has anyone had any issues - side effects with their bones as a result of their cancer treatments?  I ask as 5 years ago I had radation to my sinus / neck for Esthesionueroblastoma.  Over the past 16 months my alkaline phosphatase levels (found in blood tests) are increasing and are in the "High" levels.  Over the past 8 months they have increased rapidly and now my endocronologist tells me since it isnt my kidneys, the only other thing it can be is bone.  My bone density scan was normal, but all other bone test done via blood work are high.  She took a couple more viles of blood this past week and told me if the results are higher then I have to have a bone scan to look for bone disease and/or bone cancer.  She stated I am at high risk for bone cancer since I have received radiation. 

I always say if Id stop going in for my checkups, theyd never find anything wrong with me  :) 

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Sorry I can't answer you. I am a year post tx and haven't seen anyone else post issues on this. Hopefully, not. I'm sure someone with more knowledge on the subject will chime in.

Good luck 

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I only finished treatment 9 months ago but on my 3 month blood tests showed high numbers too and my dr told me to watch my calcium intake for a month and then we repeated the tests. The second set of tests were within normal range. She told me the same thing about radiation causing bone mets. Now I'm crazy about watching my calcium intake levels.
I hope you will find your next test within normal limits. Keep us posted.

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D Lewis
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So far, all my bloodwork has been normal.  A recent Chest CT showed "multilevel degenerative changes in the thoracic spine, no suspicious osseous lesion demonstrated."


I do have "biapical ground glass opacities, likely representing postradiation change" in my lungs. 

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving.



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