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Partial Cystectomy

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Hi.  I'm new here.  Have had 2 turbs and was ready to start BCG treatment.  However, I'm unable to take the BCG treatment 

because of other health problems (low t-cell helper count).  So, am about to get 2nd opinion and my options are limited.  Am thinking 

of the partial cystectomy.  I realize it is not done often and only on select patients.  Chemo is not really my choice so that doesn't leave

many options.  

My question is, if they would select me for p.c., who of you out there have had the p.c. and what are your stories about it, if you would

kindly share?  I'm 65.  They did find 4 small tumors on last turb, which I know is not in favor of p.c., but they were all on same side and same side as last turb last fall.  All low grade.

Thank you very much,


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