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I started my radiation treatments again. They are trying to blast it out of my chest. This type of cancer doesn't go away so they said they would try to blast it, and thats why I am burning so bad, they want it to burn some.  They think they can prolong it longer from coming back so soon this way. So I am going to try and finish. Thank you so much everyone for your help and prayers.

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Alexis F
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I had hoped that you wouldn't have to do any more.  Praying for you and hoping you will be done very soon with rads.

Hugs, Lex

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Thinking of you...



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Good for you to keep fighting!! Everytime you feel it burn think bring it on and fight those ca cells! Sending good thoughts your way.


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Megan M
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I responded to your other post and then saw this one.  I thought maybe you would have longer off or could stop all together.  How many more do you have?  I hope not many.  Keep taking good care of your skin, and remember that rads are cumulative, so, even when you're done, still pamper your skin.

Good luck and keep us posted,


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Alexis F
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How are you doing since you've started rads again?  Keep posting!

Hugs, Lex

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Rads are not easy!  They are very hard, I know.  I hope that you don't burn any worse and that you are finished soon.


Pink Rose
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Thinking of you!

Hugs, Rose

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Checking in for any new update from you.  How are you?

Sue :)

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How are rads going?   You ok?

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Wondering if you've finished with rads and how you are.

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Kristin N
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Wondering how you are.  I am sure you're done with rads, but, just hoping that your skin is healing.  

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