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Scan Today, Results Next Week

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Hubby got his scan today. ENT said significant thickening and hardness in his neck on both sides, moreso on the left. Palpation and visual good but he said he didn't want to tell us not to worry about the rapid change in his neck without a CT scan. He said possible it is result of radiation but did not want to take any chances.

So, a long weekend of scanxiety. He warned it could be middle of next week. So the waiting game begins. I think what has Dale concerned too is that his new symptoms are exactly what they were a year ago that made him go to the doctor and ultimately led to the tonsil cancer diagnosis -- fatigue, loss of appetite, stiff and sore neck.  Yes, those are also side effects of his treatment, but he had gotten remarkably better in the last several weeks in all those categories.

Thanks all for your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement. Wherever you are on your journey, hang in there and prayers for you, too.


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deb, sorry 2 hear about the scare but at least the doc is b'n proactive.  the waiting will b the worst part, i'm sorry u have 2 wait all weekend.  i will be praying that the symptoms are from trmnt and nothing more.  hang in there.

God bless,


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is a killer!!  Keeping you and Dale in my thoughts and prayers.....I'd tell you guys to hang tight till next week, but I hate to ask something of others I can't do myself Smile....I am SO bad at scan time.  The stiff sore neck could certainly be rad damage.....the fatigue and lack of appetite are things in our old lives (BC - before cancer) that would come and go and we never gave it a significant thought....the ups and down of normal life.  We'll never have that innocence back, but going thru times of being tired, and not hungry  can sure still be part of our lives.  I'm hanging my hat on "clear and clean....with some rad damage".

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