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Prayers needed please

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Hi everyone.I so need your Prayers today.I am scared out of my mind.I get results today from the biopsies thet did with colonoscopy test.I know they found large mass.Dr. Dint thinks it wasn,t Cancer.I Pray he was right.They told me that about Breast Cancer to.And it was.I am trying not to think that way.But it's hard not to.I appriatte the Prayers.

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I will be thinking about you today. Hopefully your doctor is right. I hate to sound negative but I do not know what else a large mass in the colon could be, other than colon cancer. However, I am not a doctor. I can't see any responsible doctor making such a statement without having good reason. Best of luck to you.


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Good luck with your tests ..... one foot in front of the other .....  one step at a time.   Hard waiting for tests results, it's very stressful .... keep us posted when you find out more.    

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Sending positive thoughts for good results....~ Ann

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Sending prayers your way for good news. 

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you will have options and a new group of friends here that will help support you. Best -- Cynthia


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fighting_ big_c
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I will be thinking and praying for you.


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Sending my prayers too.


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Sending positive thoughts your way!!
Winter Marie

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Let us know what the doctors says! 

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a postive outcome!  Keep up the good fight!


Best Always,  mike

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It is so scary to get your first diagnosis. You will be in my prayers.  he will be with you and you will get tons

of support from everyone here. Take care and God bless, barb

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