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My brother 41 years young was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that they found in his liver. when they first found it they told us 3-5 months with no treatment 6-12 months with kemo treatment. they told us that the cancer had mets and that it did not originate in the liver therfore they were not certain wich type of kemo to use, the pet scan showed that he had cancer in his lymphnodes armpits, l4, and in his esophogus. my brother decided to wait for a chromozonal test to better know where the cancer originated to know what chemo would be best for him. Sadly my Brother never got to here the results. 12 days after we found out that he had cancer my Bro passed away due to liver failure. My Bro did not drink for 12 years and not smoke for over a year and before that he was not a heavy smoker. For about 2 months he was having some side pain but nothing that seemed to serious also trouble sleeping with night sweats. 5 months ago my Bro had a full phyisical done bloodwork and everything and nothing showed up at of the norm he was fine. I am havin a very hard time understanding how the hell this happend. Can this type of cancer esophogial come on so quick and not be noticable 5 months ago?  3 days before my Bro passed he started having a lot of pain and trouble eating, each day just got worse and worse. But now my Bro has no more pain and will always be watching over me. Again I say WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND!  LOVE YA BROTHER!!!

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Sorry to hear this.  Did your brother lose any weight?  Sometimes that is a sign.

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My dad and I were celebrating with my brother in June for his birthday- and by July 4th, he was in the hospital, couldnt swallow and was diagnosed with late stage 2 esophagus cancer- just like that. I am so sorry for your loss. Cancer, especially EC is very aggressive!  In January, after chemo and radiation, the Dr.s  said my dads cancer had shrunk down to almost nothing and thought it may be entirely gone, a miracle for EC! Now, 3 months later, not only is it back in his esophagus, it has spread to his liver. Terribly sad.   Again, very sorry to hear of your brothers battle and sorry for you and your family.

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