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Hello Vivian...sending you great big hugs and praying for your peace. Been thinking about you all day and the coolest thing happened. I went to lunch today with my husband and son and the lady who put her name in for a table right before me was Vivian. Then I went to the grocery store and the lady(again right in front of me) looks at the checkers name tag and says "oh wow, my name is Vivian too"
Then they went on and on about how it's not a very common name and they don't run across too many others. I just thought it was kind of cool because you had been on my mind a lot and then I kept hearing your name all over town. Just had to share that with you.
I truly hope you are doing well and healing.
With love,

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It has been a really hard week for me.  I miss David so much.  After months of being with him 24 hours a day I am so alone now.  All my friends are now married or pregnant (hopefully both lol).  My family all lives away and they are closing down my dance studio.  So many doors feel like they are being slammed right now and I am just hoping soon something better will come along.  I am seriously thinking of doing a little travelling, but I haven't figured out exactly what I am doing from here.  It is so scary being by myself and wondering where to go.  I appreciate how you have been my friend through this. 

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vivian, i'm sorry u had such a hard week.  your missing david is normal and will get eaiser down the road when much more time has passed.  travel sounds like a very good idea.  keep your mind busy.  maybe u can do a lunch with the girls.  you continue to be in my prayers.

God bless you,


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