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Asymptomatic very advanced bone matastasses - I seem to have it

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Two weeks ago, I found out that my PSA was 100, and the exam said my prostate was hard and the lumps could be felt. My uro ordered a bone scan and a biopsy. I did the biopsy on April 2 and will have the results on April 17. Here is the finding of the bone scan.

Increased tracer activity consistent with bone mastastases: 

Right shoulder, left sternociacavicular region

In most of the ribs marked in the left 4” posterior segment

Spine level of the 7”-10” thoracic verterbrae L1/L2 L4 and S1

Both sacro-iliac regions, both iliac bones left ischium

Both proximal femur

Symetrical and physiotogic tracer distribution is noted in the rest
of the skeleton. 

All of my medical teams confirm that this is very advanced bone metastases. I met my oncologist today and she suggested an immediate scan to see if other organs were involved. Now, here is the unique story. I am totally asymptomatic. My team says that at this stage, I should be in pain treatment and watch for broken bones. I have no pain, and my bones are very strong. I am an 81 YO competition body builder and can do things very few fit 80 YOs can. I was training for a contest last February when I suffered a pinched nerve in my back, and had to quit training and was told I could not ever lift heavy again. I was told I had too much upper body bulk and to lose weight. I weighed 204 and was ripped, now I am down to 192.

This injury led me to discover my present prostate problem. Surely, these metastases were well advanced one year ago. I was training very heavy one year ago. I did five reps 50% on hack squat machine with 450 lbs. I leg pressed 375, shrugged 220, dead lift 270 and could do strict one arm rows with 100 lb dumbbell.

Not only that, but 10 days ago I took a fall coming out of the shower. My front foot slipped, and I fell backward very, very hard on my left buttock on a cement floor. This would usually break the hip of any 80 YO. I suffered two compression fractures of the vertebrae. So, I have no pain, and I think I have demonstrated that I have strong bones, neither of which is consistent with my disease.

Has anyone ever heard of this?

By the way, I am still in the gym five days a week lifting, but lifting very, very light. I am now doing a program by Dr. Adam Laura called Matrix. It is ultra-light weights, can be done at home and even a broomstick is enough for beginners. Check it out on the Net. Even though my weights are light, there are times now when I still stress the bones. I do chins, pushups, Plank, leg press 75 pounds only, but often for 45 reps. And Matrix can work for body builders as well. 

Now for 50 years my diet is very like the perfect anti-cancer diet. No sugar, no meat, no milk or animal lots of raw veggies and fruit. Oatmeal with soya milk and banana for breakfast. Of course body building requires eating at least 7 times a day and many, many supplements. It is a very expensive sport. I did steroids off and on, mostly on, for two years. Usually 1cc of Sustanon, and when training for a contest adding 1cc of Equipoise both every week. I did everything with my internist supervision (but not endorsement). Of course, I do not do roids now, and before you advise me, I may just know a lot more about roids than you do!!!! See “Testosterone for Life”. Of course, I have not done roids since my pinched nerve and will not do again. 

I also inject Gerovital three times a week and have done so for more than 40 years. This is a fantastic product that few Americans know about because your FDA has banned the injections. Reason? It has not proven effective despite more that 50 years of use by millions of people and thousands of trial and absolutely no toxicity. I used it originally to treat sever Manic Depression. Check it out. I am wondering if somehow this has helped me with my matastases. 

Any opinions would be appreciated. Love, swami

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They increase testosterone.  These increase the chance of prostate cancer.  I have no idea why you are not in pain.  I have DJD in every joint in body, but they do not hurt.  It could be the drug you are taking has benefits to stop the pain, but it does not seem to be stopping thegrowth of cancer.  Pain or not you need to gettreatment ASAP.  I use to think I was indestructible until two years ago.  It had been so long since I saw a dr. That I did not even know how many specialists there were.  I think I met most of them and although I still do not like dr.s I have respect for them.  Everything you do is on you.  Post any questions up here.  We might disagree on treatments, but all advice is good.  

Good luck,  by the way when you start going to dr.s the blood tests will tell them everything so do not bother lying. They are pretty cool.



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Thank you for the reply.  I changed my Uro, and am learning that no matter how much research I do, decisions are not easy to come by.  At 81, I am opting for Castration next week.  My sex is over in any case, so my only drive right now is to live with my wife for as long as possible.  My treatment choices are either ADT or castration.  Castration seems more natural and I do not want to put chemicals in my body.  So far, there is no change in quality of life, and I am grateful.  I had a body scan and there  is no cancer in my tissues.  Of course, I wonder how much time I have left, but no doctor has any idea.  The oncologist says if it goes into new tissuer, probably 3 to 9 months.  I am hoping for two more years, but realize it could be less or even more.  I will have the biopsy results next week.  First Uro thinks they are very important.  My new Uro, after looking at the bone scan, said, not so important because the bone scan really tells the story, but, of course, necessary to have.  I am looking at Gleason 8,9, and 10.


    I have had all kinds of tests, and so far every thing else is normal.  I had to get a heart test for the operation, and the operator said I had the heart of a young man and asked if I was a vegetarian.  

   I got into this predicament because I ignored high PSA readings for years.  I was told that PSA is not very accurate, that at my age, they would not treat me in any case, and something else would kill me before the cancer.  I made a bad decision, and take responsibility for it.  I would urge anyone to get the Biopsy with a high or changing PSA regardless of age.  There is a lot of bad information out there.  

    In the meantime, I am celebrating every  minute of life by living totally in the moment.

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i'm currently recovering from surgery, but when i am able perhaps i will start lifting a little.....sounds like it promotes strong bones....

best of luck

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