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Hello everyone

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Hi, I have hodgkin disease, Im 34, two kids, have gone through chemo for three months.

My PET scan is in two weeks, Im anxious, positive most of the time, hope you all are doing fine.

Any advice on detox after chemo? I am drinking a lot of water and lemon juice

best of luck to you all


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   I was told to just drink lots and lots of fluid after each round of chemo. Before chemo treatment I drank soda pop, but after the 2nd round I couldn't stand the taste of soda and haven't drank it since. I guess thats a good thing though because soda isn't good for us anyways....especially diet soda, which is what i drank. Water is my main drink...morning, noon and night. I have a couple cups of coffee in the a.m and then it's water from then on. I have my yearly scan tomorrow, so I "get" the anxious part...it's always a stressful time. I hope the rest of your treatments go well and your PET scan shows improvement. Let us know waht you find out. You have found a wonderful place to share and get support...the people here are just the best! Welcome, and best wishes...Sue

(Follicular NHL-stg3-grd2-typA-Dx 6/10-age 62)

Finished with all treatment as of Feb 2013. Smile

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  More or less what Sue was told was what I was told. Drink lots of water. I also was a soda pop drinker. I still drink it, but no ways as much as before. I do drink iced tea and that is probably no good for us either. So many things change once we face this stuff. A lot is in the way we eat and drink. The flavor is changed so much sometimes we can't stand the taste of foods and drink we once loved. Just keep up the water. It will keep the kidneys flushed as well.  John

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Hi N, I'm new here too; I just finished my chemo 2 weeks ago. I haven't done anything, per se, to detox (though I've heard that water and lemon are very good for that). But I have really been working on upping my nutrition. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, minimal meat. I drink a fruit and yogurt smoothie with added high quality protein, vitamins, and minerals each morning. I drink green tea.

I know everyone here understands the anxiety around those PET scans. I have lost many hours of sleep and serenity because of them.

Best of luck to you too. Keep us posted.



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Sue, John and Roquie,

thanks for your feedback. I used to drink lots of diet soda before, too. Now its all water and green tea, though I also drink wine, I cant help it! Just try not to drink too much...

Its going to be my first Pet, they say sometimes they need to repeat it, have you been through many?

and do you have a port cath?  if so, dont you find it uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach? or on one side? I sometimes hate the thing!

well, thanks again and talk to you soon

be well


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  Never had to have a re-scan. Been lucky that way. Yes I have a port. I hated it at first. Got to the place it became a part of me. Not that I would miss it if it wasn't there. At first I had a problem sleeping on my stomach. Mine is on my right side and I had a problem sleeping on my right for a little while. That is my favorite side to sleep on too. After a while the port soreness wore off and never any problem after that. It took a couple of months for me to even see the 3 little dimples on the port. It stayed swollen for at least a couple of months. I know you hate it, but it is a lot easier getting blood and infusions. All that chemo over time would do a number on your veins.  John 

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Bill only drank water also, but after his scans he takes an herbal combination for metal detox.  Don't know if it helps but helps our psycheLaughingBill & Becky

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As everyone has already said:  hydrate with water.  Lots and lots of water is best.  Green tea is fine.  I also started drinking black tea, got sick of green after awhile. 

I'm sure the port takes some getting used to but hopefully it will get easier for you.  My doc wouldn't let me get one (fear of infection) and now my veins are a mess.  Had chemo twice already so you can imagine the amount of sticks I've had. (and the six month chemo was two consecutive days each month) My right arm is so bad that I can't have blood pressure read from that arm anymore - it won't read right!  So the moral of this story is I wish I had a port!!

Best to you!





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Max Former Hodg...
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Hey Newgirl,

I did 12 cycles of yor med,  r-abvd.  Getting chemo out of your system takes time, so do not expect it to happen fast.  It took about a year for my taste to return to normal, and I still have neuropathy 4 years later, but everything does improve with time. Energy coming back was perhaps the slowest thing. Get plenty of rest, and continue the fluids as you are doing, and hope and pray for restoration. I, too, drank many, many gallons of green tea.  It was one of the few drinks I could tolerate, besides water.  

I also did have a port, but it never really bothered me. Actually, using a port is a blessing, when you think of all the times a vein would have to be dug for in infusions.  Note that some side-effects never leave some people -- it just varies; each case is different and unique.


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Its great to hear your experiences, it helps a lot!

I guess Ill have to learn to love my port! or third nipple, jeje

my Pet scan is on the 18th. keep your fingers crossed!


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