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Congratulations KayeKay

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Just wanted to congratulate you on your wedding day.  What a true blessing.  I'm wishing you the happiest future ahead.  You are in my prayers for a Blessed marriage.  Any honeymoon in the future?  Once again, enjoy your big day and thanks for taking the time away from your busy day to check in.  By the way, you look beautiful.


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Congratulations, KayeKay!  Hope you had a lovely, special day!

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Wow! That' s so awesome of you guys! Thank you sooo much. We have thought about taking some time away and going to Florida but I start chemo tomorrow and the sun and chemo dont play well together. We'll just have to see how this chemo works out. Maybe we can go somewhere not so hot.. My spirits have definitely been lifted the last few days since I was married on Friday. Again, Thank you guys for taking the time to wish me congrats and well wishes! :) I thought that was soo cool when I logged on and seen that. It amazing how much comfort and support people can find in eachother that dont even know you when you find out you're sick...:)

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You've set a good example for other people who have recently been diagnosed and have joined this group in search of support. Your decision to get married within weeks of major surgery and chemotherapy demonstrates that cancer doesn't need to control our lives. You've shown that people can lead joyous and meaningful lives during cancer treatment. Newcomers will read your posts and feel hope and inspiration.



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