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My angel David

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My David truly is an angel. He was pronounced dead at 2:24 am EST.  he fought a glorious battle and touched many lives in the process. I am so thankful that God spared his mind at the end and he got to say all of his good byes. I will miss him, but he has helped me in so many ways. Just as each of you has helped me.  God sent me to this site because he knew I would need your support and lots of prayer to get me through. I am proud to be part of this forum. i hate baring bad news but am so glad I have someone to share with. Cancer is a terrible beast. It strips us of so much, but thankfully there is power in numbers and prayer. I love you: Billie, Phrannie, Matt, Rick, John, Joan, Kris, Kari, dittos, Jan, Tim, Rachel and so many more of you that my grief and shear exhaustion make me forget names. 

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but I feel a relief for David....he fought so damned hard....all that pain, all that illness....Fly high David, go in peace.  We will take care of your girl.  Hugs, Viv....BIG hugs.


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Dear Vivian!

I thought and prayed every day... You came to this forum last year and I thought David and my Dad will have similar batlle. But with additional cancer for David our stories changed... Your warmth and love changed all of us, both of you have learned us so much. What is true love and tru commitment!

Thank God that David left in peace! And I also thank God at the same time that it set you both free. Especially you who will have to go on with your life. Beside the sadness and grief you feel right now you will also feel freedom and peace. With wonderful memories of you and David you will find strength to rebuild your life! I'm sure of that! No more pain, no more suffer. Spring will come on your way!

I'm also sending you hugs and giving you my virtual hand. Be blessed! Rest in peace dear David!


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So sorry to hear about David.  May he rest in peace.  My heart goes out to you. 


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My heart has been in your and David's fight for so long.  I've read your posts and sought to bring help to you via prayer and through this forum, it is both sad and joyful that David's pain has come to an end.  He is with God now, he has no more pain, no more disability, he has been restored to the glory of his soul.

I know that you will grieve for a long time, a love like your's and David's is uncommon. 

When my father passed so many years ago, one of my relatives told me that he was not really gone, but that I just wasn't going to see him for a while.  So it is with David, he will never be gone as long as we hold him in our hearts and memories.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, David and the family.


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Immediately opened my phone this morning to recieve the Caring Bridge update and my heart sank when I read the news. .He is at peace now...no more physical struggles. I only hope you will find peace. You were the devoted and loving wife to him. In the end, all we have is love.

Your sadness is my sadness. Thnking of you.


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find comfort knowing David is now with His God~~please express my deepest sympathy to David's mother

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For yoa knowing that David is now at peace and able to watch over you.  You are very so strong and showed us that true love comes not in time but in daily expressions.  You gave so much to David as I know he gave to you.  Know that you can come here anytime and we will always be here for you.  I am so very sorry and sad.  I wish I could give you a big hug and let you know that you are not alone. You have David above and CSN scattered in cyberspace around you.



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I am so sorry to hear the news. David is with God now and in His care.

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My deepest heartfelt sympathies. Peace be with you. 



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My heart hurts for you, yet rejoices for David. He was taken by Jesus and bought home to the Lord, he is finally without pain and struggle. God granted you peace and a vehicle to deal with your grief with this site. I wish I was local I would be there with you, but for now I aam hear hugging you in spirit. May you have comfort in knowing your Angel is never gone, he is right beside you.

May God grant you peace and love. Rest in peace sweet David

All my heart,


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Ingrid K
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Oh Vivian

So so sorry that you now have a loving angel named David.  You both fought the good fight, but now his battle on earth is over.  May you find a way to go on knowing that you were the best ever caregiver and wife that David could have had.

I think we are all posting through our tears today.

Rest in Peace, dear David.

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I am so sorry that David is gone from this world, I imagine he's sitting with God telling him all about this awesome girl he met  and married, and how she was his angel on earth. I also believe that David's love will always reach you, and surround you.

We love you too, and are here for you.

Kari & Dan

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Nothing that I can say will take your pain away at the moment..., or the pain that I feel. I hate this part of our relationships here...

David was a fighter, he brought it, he will be missed by many.

Waiting to hear the bell today, I know an angel is about to get his wings...



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I wish I could be there with you now to hug you and hold you. It is my hope and my prayer that the love you and David have for each other will give you the comfort you need.
You are right, David truly is your angel now and you will feel his presence all around you.
You will be rewarded for all of the extra special care you gave to David, God has special plans for you, I feel it.
I'm sad for you that David is not here physically any longer but I am so happy that he no longer has to suffer. I hope that gives you some comfort too.

Sending love,

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Viv, David was a brave warrior, who stood up to the beast and fought hard. As my heart aches for you as I write this, I know David is in peace in a better place.



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My heart breaks for you.  I am happy that David got to talk to you and find peace at the end.  Cancer is evil and David fought as hard as he could.  Please know I am praying for you.



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Hi Vivian,

I am very sorry for your loss.  I don't write often but I know your journey.  My thoughts are prayers are with you.  David was lucky to have you by his side.  I hope you have many good memories to think back on with a smile.


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I've followed your threads for the last month or so and, having nothing to add but my prayers (which were sent) I did not feel the need to post all that often.  But now I wanted you to know how amazing (in my opinion) you have been throughout your ordeal.  Through all the of your trials and tribulations you did what was best for your David; often at the expense of yourself.  I could not ask for a better caregiver and I wanted you to know that your friends here, all would applaud you.

You of course have my deepest, most sincere condolences.  David is a peace and now you can rest.

Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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vivian, i'm truly so sorry for your loss.  may you find comfort in your fond memories of your time with david.  i pray God will bless you with the strength to get thru this.  you will remain in my prayers.

God bless,


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Vivian you have my deepest sympathies. Wishing you peace....

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My thoughts are with you and David today. 

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No words that I type here today will ease the pain that you feel. But hopefully, as time passes, so does the pain and only FOND memoried remain...

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So sorry to hear this, losing a loved one is one of the major challenges life throws at us, God bless you. Denis

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I am so sorry for the way this has played out, the sorrow I feel today is for two very special people.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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Dear David we will miss you, know you were loved by many and you left so much for so many who never even met you, strength, compassion, joy and a belief in God that I truly strive to have.  We will continue to pray for Vivian since you no longer need our prayers, for you have now seen what we who believe in God so eagerly look forward to when we are called home.   Now the whys are being answered in a Heaven of joy and song and praises. 

Vivian, what can we say but there are just a few times in a lifetime we get to share a true love story told by the ones living it.  Your love for David was an inspiration to those who have been married for years and to those who may choose to get married.  You took David for better or for worse, till Death Do You Part, you honored that Vivian where all due respect some others may have chosen not to.  David is now with God but you are an earthly Angle that will go on and have made so many CSN friends and family appreciate knowing you both.  Please know we are not going anywhere so continue to be with us, you will intime likely pull away and thats understandable, but drop in now and then to let us know how you are doing.   Big Hugs from Doug and Diane

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We have watched your struggle ever since you first logged in here.  Knowing that David has passed is losing one of our own here.  You have been so strong and resourceful through this whole ordeal.  I too am glad he didn't suffer the mental agony.


Know that all of us are with you in spirit.



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You Angel is now at peace. Please get comfort from that. I know this wasn't yours or David's plan, but it was God's plan. He needed David by his side as his faithful Servant. I know the next few days will be hard to get through, but when you find yourself too full of emotion that you can't keep the peace, remind yourself of David's words from time to time. You know he was at peace with this and ready to go with arms wide open.

I pray that you keep the peacefulness that David wants you to hold onto. Know that he fought his battle hard down here on earth and now he is getting settled into his new PLACE. Soon he will be watching over his Angel : )

He was our Warrior and always will be one of us here on the forum...RIP David

Love and Hugs,


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I a. so sorry for your loss, we started out on this site within weeks of each other , and I have followed your torment and heartbreak. I hope David has found the peace we are promised, and I believe that he has. I too hope that as time passes you will find peace, and respite from the beast. I know it is hard, we have all lost so much to this horrible disease....


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My condolences, Vivian.

You and David have been such a source of inspiration during these months. I hope you will soon find peace and the happiness you deserve.

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You are in my thoughts. Please accept my condolences. David was a very special man who will remain in your heart forever.



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Being with you and David in this fight, you both fought so hard and even with all the trials and things thrown at you, you both held to your faith and to each other.  Truly, truly, truly it's as if you two were married a lifetime in the short time you actually were married.

I have been keeping my wife updated on your story, tonight when I shared with her that David has gone to heaven she became quite emotional.  I told her "I've been keeping you updated" bc I was surprised by her strong emotional display ...and she just said "only a wife can understand, and she was his wife and now he has gone" .....

We hurt for you Vivian ....we too know David is home in heaven now ...but we also know the jolt and realty of suddenly having the one you love and cared for no longer around is hard.

I have said it before, but will say it again; thank you to you and David for keeping your faith, keeping such grace under fire and for sharing your love (so huge) for one another with us ...I truly hope you will remain on our baord after you take the time you need to rest and gather your heart and thoughts. 

Just as I have always said to all on this forum...if you ever find yourself in Idaho, you have a place to rest and be with one of your CSN family.  We always have a room for you.  I know my wife would be delighted to meet you in person.

Bless you,

Tim & Jennifer

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David has touched my life, by touching your life. He is a very special person to have made you love him so deeply. Now, he is with us just in another form. Somethings are just meant to last forever. Sadly, a long physical life for you and David were not in the plan. David is a warrior, and so are you. David will be with you, and with all of us who have come to know him, as we go forward facing the challenges of this physical life. I expect to meet him when it is my turn to walk down the "tunnel".  As you can tell, I believe in an afterlife. However, I am equally convinced that we all have a poor idea of the beauties that after life will hold for all of us.

I am usually asleep at this time. I was "given" an unusal case of insomnia just so I could read this sad post in a timely manner. I have not been on CSN at this hour for weeks if not months. I believe David brought me here at this hour to tell me of his changed state. Why else would I be up at this hour? Rick.

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Jan Trinks
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Just now read this post.  David is truly now an angel.  He was a gallant warrior and now at least he's whole again and cancer free.  I know what you're feeling and how it is in the days ahead.  Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you or just talk if you need too.  God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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May His Grace and Peace be with you, Vivian, as you begin this part of your journey.  You are never alone: God is with you and so are we.

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I am so saddened by this and at the same time know David is now at peace. I know he will be present in your heart forever. My heart goes out to you Vivian. You have been strong so long, now is the time to let others be strong and help you through this difficult time. 


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jim and i
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My prayers are with you.


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