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I have not been on lately, but learned

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something new today.  Robert has adenosquamous carcinoma of the colon, which is pretty rare and the prognosis for stage IV is not as good as

the more common adenocarcinoma.  Didn't know there was this type...

"The clinical signs and symptoms of colonic Ad-SCC are the same as those for a typical colonic adenocarcinoma, but the squamous cell component has been reported to have greater metastatic potential than the glandular cell component. Colonic Ad-SCC patients may experience a more aggressive clinical course and worse prognosis than colonic adenocarcinoma patients "http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3205367/

I wonder if this is why some folks live longer with mCRC than others. Lots of questions for the doc next week.


Robert is still doing well on the trial...CEA is 2.8 and the tumors in the liver they are tracking are shrinking, dead or dying.  8 wk CT scan was today

so we will find out next week..the wait begins. Yell


Thyroid numbers were not good last month, so we got to add synthroid the the meds.  It seems to be helping with the fatigue, weight gain and depression.

I read about Buzz...another one gone.  But never forgotten.

Best to all


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Was Robert treated with the drugs indicated in your link or with the usual chemo given for "regular",adenocarcinoma mCRC? Hope Robert;s response continues 

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That is an very rare finding in colon cancer and occurs more often as a cancer that has startedat teh anal verge and grown back into the rectum- the skinaround the anus is squamous cells where as the liningofthe bowel adenomatous. Was his caners verylow downinthe rectum? This isn't always the case and some colon cancer is simply squamous cell for no known reason and as you say can be some what more aggressive. However, there are reports of verygood responses to chemo so I hope he is still doing okay with treatment.


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for mCRC, FOLFRI with and without avastin, no radiation except for cyberknife for a liver tumor, and erbitux with avastin when there was progression after the cyberknife.  His primary tumor was located a few cm inside the sigmoid colon.  I wonder why his onc chose FOLFRI instead of FOLFOX; maybe because of the type??

Robert seems to be beating the odds; 4.4 years, and still kicking. Smile  The docs overseeing the trial study at UAB are watching his response closely.

Apparently, he is the only colon cancer patient on this study @ UAB.

Never figured Robert would be a trailblazer in the cancer world!


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No telling why they started Folfiri....I started with Folfox...chances are we're going to use both of them anyway...it's hard to tell which one is more potent or effective than the other.  I suspect they are equally as good only Eloxatin (OXY) is metal based and binds to our internal structures. 

He's doing great!  I remember when you were first getting started...and look at you both now:)

Very interesting about the cancer dx...I had heard about squamos, but did not know there was an adeo-verison of that.  You learn something all the time, no matter how long you're in it - or out of it.

Anyway, burn it up!


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Today is Robert's birthday and I brought home baby back ribs from Full Moon BBQ (his favorite) and fixed fried okra and blackeyed peas.  Had a drink or two of Canadian Mist (poor man's Crown).

On a side note, we were talking to the trial nurse yesterday; Robert has been pretty sick this last week with the nausea, his appetite hasn't been all that great, and how he's been sleeping a lot; so it was decided to switch him from phenegren to Zofran so he wouldn't be so drowsy. 

She suggested if his appetite doesn't improve, she would see if the doc would prescribe maritol...Robert and I kinda looked at each other. And kept our mouths shut.  He's been imbibing to help with the nausea and appetite (it really works!).  He said if it is mentioned again, he will let them know about the self medication Wink.

Got my list for the doc next week... scan results, CEA numbers will be revealed.  Here's to good results!


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How wonderful - are you sure that positive that Robert is not a native Texan?  Have you seen his birth certificate?

Tongue Out

BBQ....Fried Okra...Black Eyed Peas...and for dessert, a splash of whiskey to wash it all down with?  

HBD indeed!!!

I knew all along that he was my kind of guy...for sure, we'd get along really well....any guy who likes that stuff just has to be a good man:)

I remember Canadian Mist:)   

Your reference to 'poor man's' Crown made me grin this morning...

Tell you what though...as a belated Birthday gift to Robert.....because he kicks *** so much...and works so hard....and hell, just because I like you both...pm me your address and I'll mail the big fella some Crown Royal.

On me:)

Life's too short...

About the Marinol...that's funny, Rob is already getting the benefits from is own inhaltion therapy Rx:)...I seriously doubt the pill will be an improvement over that:)

Hope the switch in meds helps....I know rest and sleep can be important....he's taken a real pounding and is a real warrior...I'm just so glad he is still with us:)

Obviously, can't wait for your results!!!


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Praying things will go well for Robert.




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of prayers coming your way.



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Happy Birthday to Robert, sounds like he's doing awesome.    Okay,  I saw okra in the frozen veggie section yesterday and wondered what you'd do with it, it looked interesting.    Recipies!!!    I'd like to try it, never had it before.  

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HBD to Robert, also.

My son has mentioned Marinol to his dad to help improve appetite, but hubby is pretty set in his ways, sooooo........Of course, being that his cancer is in throat and BOT, it's difficult to swallow. He did ask me to puree some food for his tube, so there's hope yet.

Like my fellow Texan, I was brought up on fried okra and black eyed peas. I like the okra(not boiled, yuk), but not too much interest in the black eyed peas. They were a "must" for New Years Day. I'll eat barbecue any day.



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Okra. How about shrimp gumbo style, or even just with tomatoes and onion?   Mmmmm.   Surely someone in Texas or Louisiana can find a recipe for your taste buds. The mucopolysaccarides in okra are considered unusually healthy.  

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