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One Year Anniversary

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Hi All,

Even though the testing never really ends for Head & Neck cancer it is good for the soul to celebrate small milestones every once in awhile.  We have all been through so much with this nasty disease.  If not for this site, good doctors, and medicine available for our comfort, who knows where we'd be.  

Looking at the calendar today I realized it had been a year since my last radiation treatment.  I wasn't quite sure of the actual date so I logged on here and read my profile blog for the date.  According to me, my last treatment was on April 3rd, 2012.  Yea! Yea!  To anyone else who never suffered from this disease it may not sound like a big deal.  But to us, we know that any milestone that is positive is worth celebrating.  So tonight my wife and I will treat ourselves to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  I believe we both suffered enough.


Thank you everyone for your support during my darkest days.  When you can't swallow or talk,  you can still log on here and read all the posts.  You all kept me thinking positive which also kept me off of the pity pot.  


One milestone down, many more to follow.



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I am with you in joining the 1-year club, it is a milestone achievement.


Enjoy your meal out, enjoy life.



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Congrats to you both on joining the one year out club. Nothing better then a fine meal to celebrate. 


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Yes, Let's celebrate all these milestones together. Each one is a BIG accomplishment. Keep coming back to let us know how you are doing. Rick.

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A milestone for sure...

But please tell me you didn't eat some kind of roasted meat just for the memory...susel


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Am I missing something about eating meat?  I know BBQ'd meat is supposed to be carcinogenic but having one or two a year shouldn't hurt anything.  So yes, a nice juicy charbroiled rib eye steak for me.  Last time I had one was a month before my dx.  Does it worry me?  Nope.  My diet is pretty good most of the time.



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I was trying to make a joke.... I love steak, meat in general...

Rads, roasted meat....



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footsteps....meaning, when my one year anniversary from my last rad comes around, I'm going out to dinner (think maybe I'll do the same when my last chemo anniversary comes around, too....LOL)....

Congrats on the milestone....it is a big one!!


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tom, congrats on the one year!  that is a BIG deal!!!  I'm glad u decided to celebrate.  you definitely deserve to.

God bless,


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Congrats to both! As always P51, as tiny as she is, is all about any reason to eat :-) My year is up 05/15 but today I graduated from 3 month scans and appts. with the ONC to every 4 months. Continued wellness to all!

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Congrats to you on your one year! 


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My last rad was January 21, 2012 ....so I'm now past my 1st year as well :)  I've already enjoyed my steak(s) since then ... (shhhh, it's a secret).



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