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Ultrasound after CT - lymph node still enlarged

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Hey everybody!

My dad had an ultrasound of the neck today. There is still a bit enlarged node in region II in his neck (2 x 1 cm). They did a needle biopsy on that node and took three samples. The doctor was very nice and explained a lot to my mom and dad. She said that it is probably post rad effect and it could be only enlarged because of that. But they have to take samples with needle biopsy to be sure. It concerns me because this node did not shrink since the end of January when he had CT and it was exact same node that was "hot".

So I think it might be cancerous. We asked what are his options. The doc nicely said that they will probably remove it with operation/dissection. My mom asked if there is any possibility that they cannot remove it if it could be close to the artery...The doc said that it is very rare when they can't remove it. Dad's node is close to the artery, but she did not seem concerned.

It only worries me that if it is cancer they won't be able to remove it. But I strongly hope that the results will be negative and that node is only as a result of infection. But it is still there, two months after CT.

He finished his chemo/rads in the middle of September 2012. So I doubt that the node in his neck can still be connected to that.

Ok, that's it...  Thank you all for kind support and advice and please keep us in your prayers.


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D Lewis
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Nodes can stay enlarged for a very long time.  Stanford was careful enough with  me to use the phrase "resolved fullness" when describing the appearance of post treatment tongue and nodes. It's not cancer till someone tells you it definitely is.  Sending calming thoughts your way.  


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I've had several swollen nodes in the neck area that were suspious.  Turned out to be just swollen, nothing more.  I'm glad to hear they did the biopsy.  Yes, until they say  it's cancer it's not.  I'm so sorry your Father is still having to go through all of this.  Sometimes I think the stress and worry are the worst of this trip we find ourselves on.  Hugs sent to all, and will keep the prayers coming !   Katie

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i'm sorry your dad is going thru this.  try not to worry, as rads can do a lot for quite some time.  when did they say they'd have the results?  pls. keep us posted and know that you're in our thots and prayrs.

God bless,


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just to clarify some anatomy.  The nodes are always close to the artery.  They are located typically between artery and vein.  That's where they perform their function.  Don't be undully worried.  This is pretty par for the course.





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My lymph node surgery was actually called a Jugular Vein dissection because of the intimate nature of my cancer.  Here I am not to worse for wear.  My ENT contemplated shrinking first with treatments, but after “real time” examination removed it.


Don’t borrow trouble, it sounds like the doctor is right on top of it.


Good luck,



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Praying for benign results and no more worry. It's my understanding that radiation results can cause havoc for years so I wouldn't rule that out either. Keep us posted. Glad your folks have moved closer so you are there for them.

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Thank you all for great responds again. Yes, I admit, I was a bit worried about those nodes and the fact that they can't be removed even if they're so small... Maybe his rad onc doctor last week confused me (when dad went on his check-up and she ordered him for ultrasound) when she said that CT in January saw a little enlarged node. And when mom asked what that means and if they can remove it if it is cancerous, she said that yes, only if it is not too close to the vein... But then she said let's not speculate and wait for ulltrasound.

Now ultrasound confirmed existance of this node and the other doc who performed this ultrasound said that they can almost always remove it. So I don't know why the doc last week said that... Maybe I got concetrated to those words too much and perhaps they had no real meaning at all.

I'll keep you posted and thank you again for all great words!!! Love you all!!

Take care!

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Good luck to your dad and you whole family. I can only say I know what you are going through. Anxiety seems to be the norm now. Keep us updated


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I had my regular CT scan moved up by three weeks because I had some swelling in my neck (left side, same side as the cancerous lymph node) and the CT showed nothing :)  And I'm fourteenm months out from my last treatment!!!!

Your dad is probably getting that radiation gift that keeps on giving.....and I think it is good your doctors are on top of things as they seem to be. 

Your dad and your entire family are certainly on the daily prayer list.......whispered an extra prayer tonight as I hit the submit button!!! :)

Keep us posted ......


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