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Back from the gyno oncologist - VIN iii surgery, need advice!

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I wanted to start a new thread instead of hijacking the old one. 

I had the appt with the gyno oncologist today and will be having surgery to remove the 1 VIN iii lesion on April 12th.  They did the acid test and only saw the 1 lesion.  Everything else looked clean.  But the 1 lesion included both the biopsy sites that I had.  So that whole area will be removed. 


Looking for advice on how to handle the recovery...what do I need, supplies, etc...  I'm scared but I want this out of me.  The oncologist said the area will be sent for pathology to check for any areas that may contain cancer. 


The oncologist feels that my VIN is from immune-suppression from my autoimmune disease meds (prednisone, low dose chemo and biological meds) and not from HPV.  But recurrance rates are still very high so it really doesnt' matter what it's caused from.  But there are several different factors here it's not always HPV, like my gyno told me.  The oncologist said it can be caused from HPV, immune suppression, constant skin irritation, lots of different things. 


Thank you, please let me know what I need for care after surgery!  Thank you!

Hugs and prayers to all


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Just had surgery for Vin iii on March 13.  My doctor warned me that I would hate him for several days following my surgery.  Was pleasantly suprised when he was wrong.  When my gyn first diagnosed, I was panicked but just wanted whatever it was to be cut out.  My onocologist told me he suspected that it was non cancerous but wanted to do a simple partial vulvectomy with laser ablation, after which he would take biopsy to see if he got it all.  Thank God, two weeks after my surgery, the biopsy came back non cancerous. 

I guess your recovery depends on the extent of the surgery.  As I said mine was simple partial vulvectomy.  They basically removed my labia.  Because mine was on the upper part, theyhad to do lazer around my clitoris.  The doctor did however save my clitoris.

I stayed in overnight at the hospital because I live twohours away and the doc felt better with me being close.  The day following surgery, I really felt no pain.  I guess it was the novocain they inject for surgery.  Even when I came home never needed the pain meds they gave me.

You should supply yourself before surgery.  You will need a squirt bottle to squirt your vagina after urinating as you will not be wiping for a while.  Also get a real soft face cloth to pat the area and when you want to dry after urinating, you should use a blow dryer on cool setting.  You should also make sure you have short robes or gowns to wear while recuperating as you want to get air to the area.  I found that putting a pillow elevating one leg helped while I was sleeping. Also taking sitz baths 3x a day really helped.

People I speak to about this say "Oh don't look at it".  I believe that I should check daily to make sure there is no infection or anything that does not look right.  Of course that is up to you but it is what it is.

Good luck and please keep me posted.  My prayers are with you.  I'll say a rosary for you tonight.



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Aren't you a dear sweet one!  Thank you Lily.  How is your recovery going?  I'm REALLY starting to freak out....I'm so itchy and uncomfortable...I hope I've made the right decision in a doctor, but I'm not sure...I'm so confused by everything.... so conconfused..

Thank you for your insight.  I pray my surgery goes as well as yours did.  Sounds like your doctor was fabulous!



Will say prayers for you tonight also! 

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