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5 Years today

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Hi Teal Sisters,

I was DX with 3c cancer 5 years ago today. I have been NED since finishing treatment. I just feel like I want to yell WHOO HOO!

I don't post often but come here every day and read the post.....all of you are insprirations to me.

Maybe I will have a glass of some bubbly to celebrate

((HUGS)) to you all, Joan

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Glad to be done
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You deserve to yell woo hoo and have some bubbly.....  I am 9 months into my first year of NED

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So glad you let everyone know.  It helps SO much to hear about the successes of others!  

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2013-04-02you deserve it...throw a big party..lots good food and friends..and of course the bubbly. You give me inspiration as well.....Val


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So happy for you! Your post inspires hope!

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I am so, so happy for you - five years NED is a huge deal!  Your post gives us all hope and any time I feel anxious or worried about the future, I am going to think about you.



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Congratulations! I usually don't post either but I am raisng a glass to toast you. I am looking forward to reaching that five year mark in another year and a half. Here's to you and to another five years! Kelly

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Posts: 236
Joined: Jan 2009

Thanks to all......I did have some bubbly and booked a trip to Maui in October!!

My wish is that we all stay NED until they find a cure and it is found SOON.


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Woo Hoo!  I hope your Maui trip will be the best Vacation ever!! Its funny I also booked a trip to celebrate with my friends and family to Italy in October.  

Have Fun Joan and Please let us know about your trip. :0))

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kimberly sue 63
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congrats on your 5 year survival!!!!Kim

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this is great news and I am jealous. I wish I were jealous of every single woman on this board.

 By any chance can you tell us why you are so successful?


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I personally have done nothing special. I had a fantastic onc/gyn surgeon, IP treatment, wonderful husband, and I guess God isn't finished with me yet.Smile

I am thankful for everyday and try to live it to the fullest.....that doesn't mean that I don't have scary fearful thoughts

every now and then...LOL

((HUGS)) Joan

P.S. I do try to eat a little chocolate everyday

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Great to hear Joan! So very happy for you, and keep up the good work!! :)

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Pamela B
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Thank you for posting your good news and congratulations! Posts like these really give people like me, going through the first treatment, hope and a positive outlook. Well done!

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Congratulations! You give us all hope!Do check in once in a while. We like to hear from survivors!

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on your five years of NED.  You are celebrating your life which is exactly what you should be doing.  I wish you continued good health.



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