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Larry's update up and down, questions

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So I would say Larry is two steps forward one step back. They stopped tube feedings Tuesday night due to blockage in intestines, (coiled). That seems to have resolved on it's own. They say he may not be able to tube feed at all. Then he started to urinate pure blood. They believe the catheter caused a blood clot due to enlarged prostrate and the clot burst. This has now resolved. He is retaining fluid and has lost 18 lbs so far. They are advancing him to full liquids today without his swallow test, this makes me nervous. Dr Orringer is out of town for the holiday. The Dr in charge assures me that a leak would most likely would have presented itself by day 7. Today is day 9. This morning they had to open his abdominal incision a bit due to drainage that started through the night. They are saying they may have to open it up and pack it, ugh. I am nervous they are advancing his diet too fast, yet I know he needs nutrition as he hasnt had any since Tuesday night. Part of me feels I should encourage him to go ahead with the full liquids so if there is a problem, they can take care of while he is in the hospital. What do you think? I am afraid that once he has his swallow test they will get quickly advance him to soft mushy and he will be discharged shortly after. We are an hour from the hospital. Any input would be appreciated. Sorry for the rambling! Happy Easter to all!

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You guys have been on my mind and in my heart all weekend. PRAYING for you guys to have no more set backs.

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My husband didn't have the intestine problems Larry has experianced but after the swallow test they did progress the diet fairly fast.  I thought it very odd that all the nurses said that the Dr. instructions were very detailed and very lengthy.  I figured when he got released the "instruction book" would be enormus.  The odd thing was he said eat anything you feel like eating but bread, it tends to ball up.  Drink lots of fluids.  That was it.  I asked, what can he do.  "Anything he feels up to doing".  I kind of felt like I had been pushed off a cliff.  Dr. knew what he was doing.  My husband didn't feel like eating much or doing much either.  He did improve over time.  Two and half years out and he is still learning not to over eat. 


Happy Easter to all, also!

Lee Ann

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