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MY story hope it is encouraging

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Seems like we have alot of post of sisters who are scared so I thought maybe telling my story might encourage some.  Spring of 2009 felt a spot that wasn't a lump more like a thick spot.  forgot about it until October and then I had a swollen lymph node in my right armpit.  Dr. said it was the size of a golfball!  Took me a couple of weeks to make an appointment with the Dr.  Had to get my head around the thought of breast cancer.  Lots of BC on my maternal side.

Luckily my Dr.'s moved quickly and the day before my 54th birthday I got the diagnosis.  Triple negative breast cancer with lymph envolvement, which but me at Stage 3.  4 rounds of Taxotere, xeloda, avastin and Gemcitabine, 4 rounds of Andromycin, cytoxan and avastin.  Then a double mastecomy followed by 6 rounds of the two cocktails again.  Did not know a person could feel soooo bad and not die.

Still dancing with NED and I finally have the energy to dance with the dude!  I do  have lingering side effects from all of that.  Still have neuropathy and a atrial septial anuerysm (bulge in the heart wall between the top chambers).  But life is good.  Went back to work end of January and I love my job. Finally getting my mojo back. I am interested in life will be starting a masters progrma at MSU this fall.  Can't wait for warm weather so I can work in my flower beds/veg garden, get on the motorcyles again, have a butt load of projects I want to do.  Even had a friend tell me she was so happy to see the old Vicki has finally came back.

So for those just starting the journey have hope.  It is a rough road to go down but your kindred spirits are there with you.  More and more of us are making it thru to the other side and living good long lifes and so can you. 

New Flower
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Hi Vicki,

 How is your job going? I am glad that you have been doing well.

Thank you for sharing

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You certainly indeed been to hell and back.  I am glad that you are dancing with NED and shaking things up.  I've been reading your posts over the years and am really glad that all the parts fell back into place and your life is once again on track.

Kudos and may you stay this way forever riding your motorcycle and all.Cool



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I am glad to hear that you are doing so well.  This is really inspiring!   Congratulations on going back to school.  That is one healthy goal.

Hope you keep us informed.


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You are truly an inspiration!!!  Thank you so much for posting.  It made my day!

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You Go Girl!!!! Glad to hear you kiss cancer's butt in a big way!!! I too am triple negative ...was diagnosed in March 2011. Terrible trip...I don't say journey...I say trip...sounds shorter.

Your words will be an inspiration of hope to a lot of "Newbie Pink Sisters"!!!


Stay well always,

Patrice <3


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your story Vicki! It gives many hope. I'm glad to hear your getting back to a new  normal.

God bless,


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I haven't heard from you in so long. And this good news makes me smile. 

Thanks for sharing your story and shedding some much needed light. 




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The job is with a local University in the Division of Diversity and Inclusion  My position is the Equity and Complance Investigator.  I work with a great bunch who are passionate about thier work.


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 Inspiration, perseverance, and your 'New Normal' -- long journey, but YOU GOT THERE!  Congratulations on a Job Well Done.

Thank you for sharing your story of hope, courage and strength.

Vicki Sam



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Bumped Up ---  This is a lovely story -- in case you missed Reading it.

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