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"One Drug to Shrink All Tumors" - From the Journal "Science"

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Thought everyone might find the article at the link below interesting.  There is something new on the horizon. 


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This is interesting, however it was written over a year ago. 

I wonder what the current status is, especially since they had funding to proceed with testing.

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Diane, who cannot post here, posted on Colon Chat that she wrote the team a couple of days ago and they said:


Dear Diane,

Yes, the indications in the animal model is that the anti-CD47 antibody both inhibits or halts the spread of cancer and attacks metastatic tumors. In general, it is the smaller tumors that disappear completely, so it is likely that the antibody will work best when surgery or other methods have taken out the largest tumors.

We have completed toxicology testing and have submitted information to the FDA for clinical trials, which are slated to begin in early 2014. We are advising people interested in this trial therapy to work with physicians to control their cancers and to check our web pages for information about enrollment in the clinical trials as that time draws closer.


Best of luck,

Christopher Vaughan
Communications Officer
Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Stanford Cardiovascular Institute

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and one drug shall rule them all...

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