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so i just wanted to let you all know thank you all for the kind words and the best support possible i really needed it it helped me so much. You really are all great ppl and i wish you all the best in the world your all in my thoughts and prayers. And to the ppl that are going through the biopsy process and waiting your in my thoughts and to stay strong maybe you will get a good outcome as well dont think negative it will just make you feel worse just think positive and support is important. I found out i dodged a bullet with getting the surgery and that i have a immune dificiency and have to build my system bk up or i wont be lucky next time. I have to have check ups every few months to check and see how iam and they are gonna keep tabs on me. I truly appreciate everything everyone did for me and i hope you all the best thank you big hugggggggssssss to you all xxxxxxx much respect xxxx

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Very.... Happy for you and your loved ones... I'm assuming yOu had clean results... Wishing you to build up your immune system the best way possible...take care.. Lots of luv...

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Hi Celeste,

That is really awesome news! Thank God that your ok, please just take care of yourself ((((many Hugs)))) to you sweetie and enjoy your  life with your sweet boy!!! 



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I'm so happy for you. Now take this wonderful news and your sweet baby boy and celebrate! Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10-age62)

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And thank you for remembering us in your prayers. Not that we need them. OK,  we need them! All the best to you and yours.

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That is wonderful news Celeste and we love to hear it!  As many have said, celebrate! You are always welcome here.

Happy hugs,


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Yes Celeste we are so happy.  We love to hear that kind of news.  Know it gave you a few weeks of terrible worry but now you can celebrate as Sue says.  Concentrate on your immune system, there is some good stuff out there!  The very best to you always.  You're always welcome to be a part of the club when you want to just not the Lymphoma branch Laughing  Kiss

Our best to you, Bill and Becky

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