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Stage 3C.....Celebrating 5 Years Cancer Free!!!!

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When I was first diagnosed 5 years ago, I frantically searched for survivors... hoping to find some that battled this horrible disease and Won!  I could not find many.  Recently I realized that I haven't written on this site in a long time.  I would like to share this good news with you so that it might encourage someone.  I think we all believe we are definitely going to die when we are first diagnosed.  The fear, confusion, the pain and of course when we look in the mirror .... we see confirmation of our sickness.  Keep the faith and stay strong!  Wishing you all good health, Love Tricia

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Dear Tricia..... I'm so happy to read your post this AM. This is just the kind of encouragement I also searched for when I was first came to this site. May your NED go on and on. Although I'm not in remission, I'll be celebrating 7 years (stage 3C) this May!

                                                                                (HUGS)   Maria

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Being five years cancer-free is a huge milestone that I hope to reach.  Thank you for giving us all encouragement and hope, and I wish the best for you too.


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Five years is a long time, i am a survivor for 17 years of ovarian cancer. You are takeing steps each day to be cancer free. I will pray for a complete recovery for you and always think positive If you would like to talk please get back to me.


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Congrats! and thanks for checking in. We all need to hear from the survivors but we are glad you are out there living your life and showing us that it is possible!

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I did the exact same thing and still do it. I am Stage 3C Grade 3. I have been in remission 1 week. Thank you for posting. It gives me hope.


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I did the exact same thing and still do it. I am Stage 3C Grade 3. I have been in remission 1 week. Thank you for posting. It gives me hope.


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Congratulations! So very happy for you.Wishing you many more years cancer free.Wink I have been 4 1/2 years cancer free....and hope to celebrate many more years also.



His grace
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Thank you for checking in and posting.  So happy for you and congrats.  Thank you for your encouragement and care...

I was diagnosed in Feb. 2013 with stage 3C.  Just had my second chemo treatment of 18 (wkly regimen).  While it might be a tough couple of months ahead, hope and faith do make all the difference.

So thanks again for women like yourself and others who have been so helpful and encouraging.

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Always great to hear good stats.  We need to hear the good stories and yours is amazing.  Continued good health.



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Glad to be done
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I love hearing these stories...  Thank you for sharing


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Congrats! Five years is wonderful! It's great to hear this good news. I look forward to being a five year survivor in about a year and a half. Thanks for telling us and enjoy the next five years, then you can report back to us again to tell us about your tenth anniversary.

Enjoy, Kelly

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thank you This is just want I  need to read!

i was diagnosed Jan. 7th 2013 with a stage 3C  at the age of 17. 

I found out I was cancer free a few weeks or so after chemo and my 18th birthday! (May 8th) 

im hoping I can reach that milestone of 5 years or more.

Congrats !!


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You are no longer an ordinary girl!  You are extraordinary in your journey against this bitter disease.  With just this one post, you have won my admiration for facing down cancer at such a young age.  I am so much older than you, and I just can't imagine going through all this as a teenager.  Thanks for joining us!

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Honey, I sincerely hope that you will beat all odds and outlive us all. If anyone deserves to be completely cured of ovarian cancer it's you.

When I read something like that I hate this disease even more.

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2timothy1 7
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Extraordinary girl, you are!  You melted my heart when I read your age. God bless you little warrior! Keep moving forward and focus on the one who made you:) 

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I was diagnosed stage 3C nearly 6 years ago and I am still alive and kicking!  I am not in remission but managing it and doing well. 

There is life after and with cancer!  Thank you for sharing your story!


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Tricia being a overcomer is a day struggle but with the healing hand of Jesus on you keep haveing courage and think positive and if you want someone who is a survivor of ovarian cancer for 17 years then please get back to me when you can and i have much to tell you and many ways to help you get threw this hard time of wondering if it will get off of remission God bless you and your journey.

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How wonderful!  I'm sure your testimony will be of great inspiration to so many here.  And you are so right - that initial diagnosis is so frightening, especially when outward signs are obvious.  I always had a tendancy to feel better emotionally when I couldn't 'see' the evidence.  And when I could see it or feel it, I would sometimes be overcome with fear.  But then I relied on one of my favorite scripture verses, and God's promise:  'He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind'.

God Bless you!



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Being a long term survivor gives us all hope. Great job and pop in often to tell us what's new..even if its nothing....Val 

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