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PSA Level over 4

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I am 48 years old and I am expecting my PSA level test that I just made to be something over 4.  Is this a reason for any concern.  My previous reading was 3.75.

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Simon, yes there needs to be concern here. There are a couple of different medical problems that will cause psa  level to move. Cancer is one of them.  My advice is to find a good urologist. My PSA level was only a 2.25 and I was at stage T2C.   At your age this really needs to be followed up on



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Welcome to the forum and I'm sorry to read of your anxiety over your rising PSA.  Hopefully, at your young age, you have nothing to worry about.  As laserlight suggested, many things can cause PSA to increase.  Prostate cancer is one of a long list of potential culprits.  PSA gradually increases as we grow older.  Sme exercises that put pressure on the prostate can cause PSA to elevate.  Sex within 48 hours of a PSA test can cause the numbers to jump.  Certain OTC medications (like Advil) can cause elevated PSAs as well as some dietary foods.  Even a hard stool before the blood draw can cause PSA to bump up.  If the internest does a DRE before drawing your blood then that will cause PSA to increase.  BPH, a urinary infection, or other issues with the urinary track can make it go up.  Prostatitis will cause it.  Also, every man has differnt PSA "normal" levels.  Another thing to consider is the PSA trend, the interval between samples, and calculation of PSA doubling time.

In short, there are plenty of things.  Moreover, PSA tests are notoriously inaccurate in their ability to detect prostate cancer and only has about a 50% accurate rate in this regard.

I suggest that if you do visit a urologist that you insist he go through the steps to eliminate other causes of elevated PSA before bending over for a biopsy.  Many urologists suggest a biopsy for ANY PSA reading.  It is a huge money maker for them as they can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000 and takes about 15 minutes.

Don't get scared into getting a biopsy at age 48 unless you have other indicators like a family history, a lump detected through a DRE or something else that leads them toward a biopsy.  

Good luck.


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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 47. My PSA was around 4 for over a year. My doctor  (GP) didn't seem too concerned, so I wasn't. I skipped getting my PSA checked for about 18 months, and then it was over 34! My cancer was staged at T3 A after surgery. My advise is to see a good urologist and don't skip checkups.

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