Anyone been through this?


Just found this board and found it fasinating.


I was dx with stage 2 coloncancer in 2010. Since that awful day,I have been though the mill.

I had chemo 24 hrs. a day for 6 weeks, along with radiation at the same time.

Had to shrink a tumor in order to do surgery.


At first every thing seemed to go ok, but then, I got blood poisioning through my port. We solved that problem with a great infectious disease Dr.

Then, a terrible abcess developed  on my colon, took it a year to heal.


I was still in terrible pain when they discovered I had radiation burn so bad I could not function.

To cure that, I have had  30 hypberiac oxygen treatments, with 30 more to go.

Still bleeding from colon everyday. I have a colostomy pouch, was supposed to be temporary, but now I don't know.

Just wondering if anyone else has had these problems, and what was the out come?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for sharing your stories.


  • devotion10
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    Hello ... I am unfamiliar with the type of treatment that

    required you to have chemotherapy 24 hours a day for six weeks along with radiation.  In which country were you receiving your treatment? 

  • Fadedblue
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    Hello ... I am unfamiliar with the type of treatment that

    required you to have chemotherapy 24 hours a day for six weeks along with radiation.  In which country were you receiving your treatment? 

    Chemo Treatment

    In Charleston W.V. @  the cancer center there. I also had 30 radiation treatments.

    Still waiting for re-section, although it may not be possible due to radiation proctitis.

    It's jusy wait and see.

    Hope you are doing well.

  • AnnLouise
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    Welcome and we are here for you......

    I am also not familiar with your chemo and radiation treatments but want you to know we are here for you. It sounds like you have had such a rough time.....please keep us updated  and hopefully someone can help you with your questions. Sending positive thoughts...-~ Ann


  • devotion10
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    I am sorry Faded Blue you have had such a difficult time

    I was unfamiliar with the type of treatment that you described as it is not typical ... further research I see that other individuals have been prescribed a 24/7, 6-week treatment for coloretal cancer delivered via their chest ports while doing radiation.  Seems the oral pill Xeloda perhaps is a bit more typical for this protocol, not sure.

    We have a great number of new individuals who come to the board every week seeking reassurance as they begin their journey -- the description of your experiences may really, really frighten them so let's break it apart so that we can help folks see the hope ... even though you had a rough go of it there are many positive things in your posts that while difficult for you ... you bravely endured them and since you are here posting today may have saved your life!

    1) Positive: You had your 24/7 chemo for six weeks along with radiation to get you to a point of being able to have curative surgery ...  congratulations to you! Many people are not as fortunate to be able to have the success that you did with your treatments and have potential curative surgery.

    2) Positive: You had an infection related to your port ... bummer but again, congratulations!  That is behind you and proves that when something like this happens, infections can be appropriately and effectively treated.

    3) Positive: You had a colon absess after your resection ... again, congratulations on your bravery to overcome this unfortunate, but common postoperative condition. I have no experience with this but I understand from others that it can be quite uncomfortable but they often get immediate relief from fluid draining. I understand some preoperative conditions like diabetes or other factors affecting health can increase these risks.  It seems after a long period of time, this has finally healed for you and that is also a positive thing for newcomers to remember.

    4) Positive: Hypberbaric oxygen treatments for radiation injury ... how fortunate you are to be associated with a hospital that has these treatments and doctors that support them.  But ... this seems to be you primary issue you are currently dealing with now that is unresolved ...

    Rectal injury is a sometimes an unfortunate side effect form radiation therapy. It can ocur soon after treatment or at a later time and it sounds as if since you had your surgery in 2010? that you developed what is known as chronic radiation proctitis that is often accompanied with bleeding.  Chronic inflammation in the folds of the coloretal lining or ulcers may have formed. It is good news that your doctors are treating you. Have your doctors discussed with you the possibiity of using a medicated enema preparation that can decrease bleedng? How about coagulation of the bleeding lesions with plamsa gas? As a last resort, have they discussed surgery to possibly investigate poor healing where the colon was surgically rejoined?

    On the positive side, you have been through a great deal BUT you have survived.  Others can as well.

    I hope others will offer you support for your current condition related to your chronic radiation proctitis and I hope newcomers or those facing radiation treatments remain hopeful should complications occur, there are remedies.

    Welcome to the board. -- Cynthia

  • Trubrit
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    good luck

    I am heading into radiation, and it scares me allot. 

    Sorry I can't help you with your question as right now the chemo is going pretty normally for me. 

    keep us posted.

  • Goldie1
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    Radiation Cystitis....

    is what my husband had but it was of the bladder.  So, when he would urinate, he would lose a great deal of blood/clotting. Since he had to get so many blood transfusions, his urologist recommended Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments.  In total, he had 35 treatments, but after about 10 treatments, the bleeding started to subside.  He hasn't had a bleeding issue since and his last Hyperbaric treatment was 11 months ago.  And the Hyperbaric was done after his surgery and colostomy (which is permanent).  But, the doc did say that it is possible for the bleeding to start again at anytime because of damage done from the radiation.  I hope your bleeding stops with your continued Hyperbaric treatments.

    Take care,



  • fatbob2010
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    Thank You For Sharing and Welcome to the Board

    Your journey has been an obviously bumpy one so far.  However, there are often great strengths that come from the survival of adversity.  You give the impression of one who is scared, confused, and perhaps feeling as if you are traveling this road alone.  The members of this board understand these feelings stemming from, for the most part, personal experience.  There is great strength in hope and as another member pointed out there are positives which lend to a sense of possibiity.  ((HUGS of Courage and Determination))

  • steved
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    The six weeks radiochemotherapy istypical for rectal cancer and I did it back in 2004. Fortunately I didnt have complications you dithough we all get a degree of radiationcolitis leaving bowels irritable and unpredictable. However, yours is clearly extreme and I hope the Hyperbaric therapy goes well as it seems to help many. It is a rough and long road with few of usgetting away without some form of complication, sidfe effect or other scars.

    I hope the road forward is smoother,


  • YoVita
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    I too had 24 hour chemo with my radiation treatments for 6 weeks

    I think it's fairly standard for rectal cancer (which was my diagnosis).  I also had two months of folfox before and after the radiation treatment.  I didn't have the issues you've had.  I'm so sorry!  It sounds like your issues are being treated.  I hope you get relief soon.  I can tell you that I'm doing pretty well 3 years after my initial diagnosis.  My best wishes of good health to you, Vita