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ChefDaddy... Son Mason has Passed...

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Just wanted to pass a message from Dawn, that ChefDaddy Mike sent her last night...

"We lost Mason Lloyd after a valiant brave battle at 8:55PM."

Thoughts and prayers for Mike, his daughter and family.... It's been a long hard fought battle..., but now Mason is pain free and getting to enjoy a life he never had here on Earth...


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Ingrid K
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Such sad news, John.  Thanks for passing it on.

Mike's little family has been thru so much in the past few years, yet Mike was always on here posting and giving us good advice and encouragement. 

May they all be comforted by their loving memories, and may his brave son Mason rest in peace.

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For all that they've been thru. Mason fought a good brave fight and he so deserves this peaceful break he's going to get. Again I find myself asking "why"?
Today's board is a little hard to take....


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there are no words to express my sorrow.  my thots and prayers are with mike and his family.  i pray God will bless them with the strength they need to get thru this terrible time. 

God bless,


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I am really sorry to hear this. 

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Prayers for Chef's son and family. I cannot even begin to know what Chef is going through. Our children are NOT supposed to pre decease the parent. 

This sucks!!!


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To Chefdaddy,
I am so sorry for your loss. Know, tht although you wish Mason was still with you, but he is resting sound in the loving arms of our Lord.

Being a survivor, people sometimes call you a Hero, but those who get to survive aren't the Heros, its the ones that fought bravely and the Lord found special and took home with Him.

The time till you see Mason waiting for you in the bright light of Heaven may seem long here, but it is mere seconds to Ason. May God bring peace and healing to you and your family. I will pray for you all.

God Bless.


Thank you for sharing the story of one of our Heros.


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Jan Trinks
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Such sad news for Mike and daughter but hopefully they can feel peace knowing as John said he is now cancer free and not in pain.  Still it's tough and my prayers are with Mike and daughter and rest of family.  Thanks John for letting us know.


Jan (Basketcase)

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Thoughts and prayers to the family. So very sorry to hear this. 

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I am so very sorry to hear this.  Keeping ChefDaddy and his family in my prayers.

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I am so sorry to hear of Mike’s’ son passing.  My thoughts and prayers go out to him.



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Sending prayers...


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News like this is never easy to pass along.  My thoughts and prayers will be added to the above.  Katie

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Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

God bless you and your family mike.


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I  think every parents' nightmare, is their child is taken before them....blessings to ChefDaddy and His family & friends 

josh r.
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Chef Daddy and family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. josh r.

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My lovely dear friends,

Your kind words are giving my weakened knees strength to stand.

Today, during a non-destinational drive, I told my very sad and crying daughter that because Mason had such an incredible personality that had deeply touched and affected several doctors, nurses and CNA's over the last seven years along with the deep compassion he had for all the scared parents of kids that were also fighting cancer, is also the very essence and reason that Mason was such an incredibly great son and her loving brother. That anyone so unselfish, while also dealing with their own daily painful hell, would also leave behind an equally great void in the lives of those that that loved him.

Lindsey and I are having a great deal of difficulty dealing with such an incredible void in our life right now, but your kind words and prayers DO HELP! 

I love you all dearly. I have never forgotten when Hondo had asked several of you to call my hospital room to encourage me when I was dying, after the doctors had completely given up on me. Even though I was heavily sedated I remember all of your words of encouragement and especially when you prayed over me, all this, coming from people that I had never spoken to or let alone had never met. And...here you are all doing it again, but for a different and very sad reason....I love you all dearly.

Your friend



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