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I had the second neck dissection on Thursday and got some great news.  The node that lit up in the scan earlier this month - the one that was supposed have been removed in the first dissection in October - turned out to be benign, so no modified radical dissection, no new disease found.

They did take some additional nodes, two lower down in my neck and others closer to my ear, but the really good news is that 'the' node was negative!

They did take another biopsy of my tongue, as was explained to me they caused some bleeding when they did the hard laryngascopic exam of my throat which they said was not normal, so I'm waiting on the biopsy results, but other than that, all seems pretty darn good.

Got an impressive line of stapes on the incision this time, so the scar will be a bit more pronounced, but I can handle a scar!

Arm and shoulder works, voice is a bit off but that is due to the exam, so voice rest for a few days and I'll be good to go.

Thank you to everyone who lent help, being in Phrannie's pocket really is a great place!



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Good for you Peter. This is a great way to start my Saturday.


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