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Surgery went well

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Larry is out of surgery and in his room. They are working still to get his pain under control. Good news, Dr believes he is not a stage 3. He said Larrys esophagus was like cement and so was the surrounding areas and lymph nodes. He believes this may be from laying floors and all of the chemicals including asbestos, he worked with the past 40 years laying floors. He also believes he may have had a fungul infection at some time in his chest. Again from breathing in nastiness on floors. He said he is most likely a stage 1 or 2. We will know more when pathology comes back. Barretts was extensive though. Thanks for all of the prayers. Dr Orringer and his staff are amazing.

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Really glad to hear the surgery went well.  I don’t know how it was for my wife, but I can tell you from the patient’s point of view that it was a huge relief when I woke up in the ICU and the surgeon told me the surgery went well and there were no surprises.  And I knew going in that I was “only” Stage I, so to go in thinking you’re Stage III and then hear it might be better than that must have been pretty cool for Larry!

Now the learning process begins for Larry as he and his new plumbing get to know one another, but it should all be up hill from here!




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Glad to hear everything went well. Sending you prayers and strength for the days ahead.

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Glad to hear things went well for Larry. Now for a good swallow test and clear pathology report!! I found that my mouth got really dry during the first few days before my swallow test and I talked the nurses into giving me a foam swab and some ice water. They let me swab my mouth out with the cold water if I promised not to swallow. It really helped.

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I'm glad Larry's surgery went well. Dr. Orringer did my surgery in September and I am doing well now. I am so impressed with him and the staff on the 4th floor. 

Have Larry ask for pain meds around 6 am. It was hard to get a nurse for a while around 7 at shift change. 

Do all your laps around the floor and the hope the next week goes well.


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Great to hear the news!! Thanks to god another survivor.

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Wow long day.  The epidural stopped working on the left side. They finally after many attempts and many hours were able to fix it. During this time they had to up his narcotics and he had lung spasms. What an awful sight.  He is resting better now, pain le el between 4 and 8. He has walked 3 times today, used his spirometer 4 times. Hopefully chest tube can be removed tomorrow.

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Even better news would be if they down grade his stage!  Glad they got the pain under control.  That is a balancing act, I do believe.  Too much is just as bad as not enough.  Take care of your self during these long hospital days, you will need it once he gets home.


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I'm really happy to hear things went well, I hope he's still doing well.  I've been praying for him before and after surgery!! 

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