Winter Marie: Is that kitty staying put?

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just wondering. Wink -- Cynthia


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    My son reminded me

    Of the time we lost him for 3 or 4 days.  Then after days of searching I was talking to someone out in my front driveway when I glanced back and saw him jumping what I thought was behind the car.  I yelled "Oh, Junior" and went to see him, turned out he had fallen in the through the TOP vent of our camper and was stuck in it all those days.  What I thought was him jumping above the car was him in the camper jumping up to catch my attention through the WINDOW. 

    He's disappeared and been found in various other places, locked in bedrooms, shed's, neighbors garage.  I suppose I'll be spending many more days in the future "looking" for that rascal cat.

    But for the moment, he's safe and sound.

    Winter Marie