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Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades N.E.D

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Sorry T for starting a new thread but i waited a year and a half to say this.First a little background on myself,my name is Mike and i live in the Chicago area i am 51 years of age with an average level of intelect so my contributions to this board have not been to impressive but i love everyone here none the less.My journey started on 10/03/2011 when riding home on my motorcycle from work at 11 at night i hit a pothole and when i did i felt a sharp pain in my back.The next morning when i woke up to use the washroom i saw blood,well a CT scan on 10/04/11 revealed RCC of my right kidney and a week later i had a full nephrectomy,tumor was 5.0x4.0x3.5 cm grade 2 stage 1b.A follow up scan revealed a suspicous node in my remaining left kidney the size being 1.4 cm in april of 2012,a follow up MRI with contrast determined the suspicous node to be RCC and on May 5 2012 i had a procedure called RFA done that pretty much fries the cells within the tumor thus killing it.In September of 2012 i went in for another CT scan but was unable to recieve contrast since my creatinine was around 1.8 so when the results became available my results came back inconclusive as to wether the tumor in my let kidney was still there since on the report showed the area of tumor to be a size of 1.8 but the feeling was it was from scar tissue,also all the other orgins came back as normal so it was decided to wait until March of 2013 to do another scan which was done on March 13.So ok i got those results back today and it is showing the area in the left kidney has shrunk which is a good sign and also i am showing N.E.D every where else which for me is close enough.I am so happy i called in sick to work and now i am having a few beers oh no one needs to make any comments or give me any recognition save that for the Stage 4 Heroes on this board whos journey has been much tougher than my own.Oh one more thing all this really does is give me 6 more months of relief since we all know this disease is sneaky and can return months or years later but hey what the heck i sure do feel pretty good today.



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Congrats on your good news and thanks for sharing :D You do not have to be stage 4 for us to be happy for you!!! Huggs P.S. Praying your 6 month scan comes back amazing too!!!

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Just kidding....congrats.  I thing all of us are happy fot you 

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Limelife50, I've been known to have a few beers after scans. I know how you feel. In fact, I now get scans at 12 weeks(from 6weeks). Results come this Weds. and I am anticipating good results too. I have had pain since last June but it has all gone for a couple weeks now. Should be good news,right? I drink anything but Corona. Long story. Not appropriate here.

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I'm really happy for you. Enjoy your great news and your beer!


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Great going Mike - keep up the good results and also the postings here - it's always welcome news to hear you're doing so well. 

Bilateral involvement is not such an easy ride as you imply and there are plenty of us here who admire the way you've coped.

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When the "oldtimers" share good news it reads as pure hope for the newcomers especially when they've been around the block more than once like you. I'm glad you hang out here and continue to share and hope in ten years when you are my age that nothing has changed.  You've got almost 20 years before you can challenge the iceman.



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Seeing your good news belatedly but it doesn't curb my enthusiasm. Wish we all could have been in Chicago with you celebrating the results. Keep up the good work!

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Mike, that is FANTASTIC news!  Wow, between you and Fox, I think you both have just made my day!!  Keep up the good work! Enjoy those beers!

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