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Hearing Aids

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I don’t know how many of you use hearing aids, but I been using them now for almost 9 years. This is my 3rd set I got a few weeks ago and by far the best one’s I ever had. I can hear so well that I can play my Guitar again because I can now hear the music. The ones I am now using is the ReSound Verso, if you want to hear as close as normal again give them a try, as a head & neck cancer survivor I recommend them. Now if I can only get my voice back, but that may be a little more difficult


God Bless you all

Tim Hondo  

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Pam M
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I can only imagine how happy you are to be able to hear well enough to return to guitar.  Wonderful.  Good to "see" you.

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jim and i
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Good to see you posting again. Does your insurance pay for your hearing aids? Debbie

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That's awesome! I can't imagine, and I hope I don't have to, what it would be like not to hear "Marti" (my guitar). She'a a Martin D-15CE, solid South American mahogany. Satin finish and a gorgeous balanced sound. I love the fact that I can feel the notes through her body as they vibrate into mine. It's like she's a part of me when I play.

Congrats on picking up your guitar again. Positive thoughts and prayer that you have a return of your voice as well. 


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I am glad you posted this topic, as I had significant hearing loss due to cisplaitin, so far I have been ignoring it, as other side effects and follow ups to treatment have seemed more urgent, however I know this is something I need to do to regain some normalcy in my life. the tinnitus grates on me and pushes me into depression and frustration. I am glad you can begin to return to something you loved, a victory if you will over "the beast".

6 Month survivor and counting.....


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Wonderful news, so very happy for you. First hand referrals like that are worth a fortune. For anyone considering or having the need, I had an older family member, retired from the business, who advised my husband to "never get your hearing checked by someone that sells hearing aids. Get the exam and if needed, contact him and he would put us in touch with someone that sells them." We did just that and my husband was told his partial hearing loss from running  a jack hammer many years and being in the military could not be restored with hearing aids. He has what I call selective hearing. I have wondered if we hadn't been given that advice, if we wouldn't have some expensive hearing aids sitting in the dresser drawer so I thought I would share it.  

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I am glad you found a winner of a hearing-aid.  Maybe I should tell my Dad about them, he has struggled for years to make his work.  He has gotten very good at reading lips.


Enjoy your music,



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Thank you for posting, when the time comes for a new set I will look into that, I also lost my hearing and normal voice although the connect might be Cisplatin the voice and ears are from different problems.

The hearing aids I have now are omni and they squeek uncontrolablly, or at least I am told since I don't hear high pitch at all. Little embarrassing in public when alone and have noone to tell me, eventually I catch the stare and adjust.lol

Will definitely look them up..Good luck with your voice, but thank God you can hear the guitar that you have been given the alent to play.



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I guess I have been deaf for a long time now as even with the other heading aids I don’t remember hearing this well. I had been wearing hearing aids for about 8 years now right after my first treatment for C. I remember my Boss coming into my office and asking me something and I had to ask him to repeat what he was saying and even then I could not understand him all that well. I did hear when he said you need some hearing aids, and that started it. This is my third set of hearing aids and by far  the best ones I ever had, I went and had them adjusted Friday and can hear a roach crawling, just joking on that one. Anyway I think they are as close as you can get to hearing normal again, and I love it when I can hear my granddaughter whisper papa I love you, that makes it worth every penny I spent for them.


PS: Insurance only paid a $1,000.00 all the rest was mine. At first I said well if I don’t like them I will continue to use my old ones and give these back. After being able to hear this well I am keeping them, and plan to start playing my guitar and doing a lot of other things I stop doing becuase of not hearing well.


God bless everyone

Tim Hondo

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I have not been posting as much, but I would like to add to your thread on hearing aids.  My hearing loss is not as bad, but I got a pair more than 10 years ago.  There was not that much difference plus squealing every time I place my hand next to my ear.  Finally after two return visits, I just gave up on it.

About five months ago and 10 years without hearing aids, I returned.  My left ear appeared to "half deaf".  To my amazement, the new aids worked.  Some of the sounds I probably gradually forgot was back on both ears.  Plus they have this device you can wear around your neck to increase/decrease the volume without controlling it on the ear piece.  There are other things that are too technical for me like connecting it to the sounds of the TV or telephone.    I just like and need it for the basics of listening.

For the veteran survivors who have disabilities, do not hesitate to use the benefits afforded you through the Veterans Administration.  Gradually I learned that the VA pays for eyeglasses and hearing aids for those under VA care.

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