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So for George last week Pet & CT are NED.   However, Dr. swiched him from irinotecan & Xeloda to Vectibix and CEA went from 2.4 to 4.3.  Dr. says dont worry but we worry.  If in two weeks his CEA has anymore rise seems to me he should be back on Irinotecan.  And how about Xeloda anyone just take that alone???

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Xeloda is 5FU in pill form .. it can be taken with almost any of the drugs we take for CRC.

I am taking Vectibix only at this time and I have been stable so stay positive .. I don't worry till the dr worries..



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Thanks.  I am glad to hear you are also taking it and it is working fo you, I am hoping he can stay on it.   I think I remember your CEA is zero.   Well we will see in two weeks. 

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I never took Xeloda alone, I had it as my first three chemos, then as maintenance with Avastin, then just Avastin alone when I could no longer afford the Xeloda.

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